SYSAQUA R32 HAir Cooled Heat Pumps

50-180 kW • R32 • Efficient and sustainable air-cooled heat pumps with innovative outdoor heat exchangers

  • R32 low GWP refrigerant

  • High efficiency

  • Wide Operating Limits

  • Easy Accessibility

  • Low footprint

  • Remotely controllable with AC CLOUD

  • Precise and complete selection on AC SELECT

Sustainable refrigerant

The range operates with R32. Thanks to a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 675, this refrigerant is 3 times less polluting than the standard R410A.

Innovative external heat exchangers

The SYSAQUA R32 H is fitted with new coil design enabling a refrigerant charge reduction of 40%.

Efficiency and performance

As standard, SYSAQUA R32 H units benefit from excellent SEER and SCOP values.

They can also be equipped with variable speed pumps allowing an annual energy consumption reduction by up to 70% *

The range operates in a large outside temperature enveloppe comprises between -15 °C and +48°C.

Compact units

The range has been designed in a compact manner to ensure the smallest possible footprint. The first 3 chassis (sizes 50 to 130) measure 2,53 m² and the 4th chassis (sizes 150 to 170) features one of the smallest footprint on the market with an average ratio of 37kW/m².

The SYSAQUA R32 H is an effective, efficient and sustainable air-cooled heat pump. The range is available in 10 sizes with lots of customisation options and accessories, ensuring that there is a model available for every installation. The units are equipped with a new generation of outdoor heat exchangers that enables a refrigerant charge reduction of 40%. R32 refrigerant is three times less polluting than some of the alternatives. These two features reduce the carbon footprint of each unit by 84%**

Standard and High-Pressure Fan configurations are available. The SYSAQUA R32 is also available in both standard and super low noise options, making it suitable for installation where noise control is a factor. Each unit is equipped with two scroll compressors that are fitted on a rail and assembled together to form tandem compressors. The compressors are then mounted on rubber pads to eliminate noise and vibration transmissions. 

Reliable and quality units you can trust ↓

At Systemair, we strive to develop quality and reliable products that can improve the life of our customers. This serves as the guiding principle of our Research and Development (R&D) departments. Through their innovation and breakthroughs, we offer the most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions on the market.

EC fans

For an even better efficiency level and improved acoustic performance, SYSAQUA R32 units can be equipped with EC fans* (EC type high pressure fans also available).

* AC fans are installed in standard units

Removable panels

Great accessibility to internal components for easy service operations.

Highly optimised external heat exchanger

New coil design enables a refrigerant charge reduction of 40%.

Electronic expansion valve

This reliable and high-performance valve minimises overheating of the evaporator. It is directly managed from the control system.

Scroll Compressors

The two Scroll compressors are optimized for the R32 refrigerant and are covered with sound jackets in “Super low noise” (S) versions.

Variable speed pump

A variable speed pump can be added for even greater energy savings.

New advanced control sytem

The SYSAQUA R32 units are equipped with a brand-new controller and a user-friendly external control panel that displays the operating parameters and alarms. Optimised for EC fans control and electronic expansion valve management, the new controller comes built-in with one of the following communication protocols : Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Bacnet MSTP, Bacnet IP.

* Pump only and compared to a fixed-speed pump

** Comparison made between equivalent units operating respectively with R410A and R32 refrigerants. Impact only considers the refrigerants and not the units as a whole.