Supporting the heart of the community with a healthy and comfortable environment

Fantech supported The Village Square, a beloved local pub and eatery at the heart of the Pineridge Hollow community in Canada, with optimal ventilation units adhering to Canada’s strict building codes to ensure the patrons enjoy fresh air indoors.

The Village Square, Canada

Strict adherence to building codes

The project required solutions that complied with Canada's 2010 National Building Code, mandating specific outdoor air circulation standards.

Optimal solutions

The project needed a light commercial Heat Recovery Ventilator to provide fresh air at a rate designated by the code, which stated that such establishments must provide an outdoor airflow rate of 7.5 cfm per person (or 0.18 cfm/ft2).

Reliable and efficient

The SHR ventilator was chosen to exhaust warm, stale air from the bathrooms while simultaneously introducing cool, fresh air to the dining area securing the comfort of the patrons.


Pineridge Hollow

Mechanical Contractor

SCMI Group



The heart of the community

Nestled on the outskirts of West Pine Ridge, Manitoba, Canada, lies The Village at Pineridge Hollow, an enchanting retreat, established in 2022, that harmoniously coexists with the surrounding forested landscape.

What was once a modest country gift shop has blossomed into a versatile destination housing nine distinct, carefully curated, and locally owned establishments, in addition to the original gift shop. The vibrant community houses beloved local eateries, a specialty grocery store brimming with gourmet delights, and a thoughtfully selected array of other businesses carefully curated by the stakeholders to ensure vendors foster a sense of community.

Beyond the charming storefronts, The Village offers an array of enchanting experiences. From walking trails that invite visitors to immerse themselves in nature to a delightful petting zoo. A dedicated stage sets the scene for captivating live performances, while The Village Market, a bustling farmer's market on special occasions, transforms into a spacious venue accommodating gatherings of up to 250 people. As temperatures drop, this versatile space even converts into an ice-skating rink, enhancing the seasonal delights on offer.

A focal point within The Village is The Village Square, affectionately known as The Square, which has earned a reputation as the go-to meeting place for the local community. This fully licensed pub and eatery, aptly named, entices visitors with its inviting ambience and delectable fare.

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Supporting safe environments

In order to align with the developer's vision of fostering thriving communities, the design team behind The Village took great care to ensure compliance with the 2010 National Building Code of Canada. Consequently, a light commercial Heat Recovery Ventilator was deemed essential for The Square, enabling the provision of fresh air at a rate stipulated by the code. Section of the 2010 NBC code emphasises the significance of outdoor air supply for ventilation purposes, outlining the need to adhere to one of the designated sections of ANSI/ASHRAE 62.1, which governs "Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality." Specifically, Section 6.2, known as the Ventilation Rate Procedure, excluding the exception stated in Section and note H of Table, holds relevance.

Consequently, as per Section, establishments such as bars, cocktail lounges, and food and beverage service kitchens are required to maintain an outdoor airflow rate of 7.5 cubic feet per minute (CFM) per person (or 0.18 CFM per square foot). In a bustling restaurant scenario where maximum occupancy is reached, accommodating upwards of 150 individuals, the demand for outdoor airflow would amount to 1,125 CFM.

Creating clean, comfortable climates

To satisfy this project, Fantech supplied its SHR light commercial Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV).

Crafted with precision, the SHR ventilator infuses buildings with invigorating fresh air while efficiently expelling an equal volume of contaminated air into the outdoors. The design incorporates an aluminum heat exchanger, skillfully tempering the incoming air with sensible energy.

Tasked with installation, the team from Southern Comfort Mechanical Inc. (SCMI) meticulously ducted the Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV), strategically directing its airflow to extract warm, stale air from the bathrooms. Simultaneously, a refreshing breeze of cool, revitalizing air is introduced to the dining area, ensuring that patrons can relish a delightful indoor atmosphere, benefiting from a constant supply of fresh air while basking in optimal comfort throughout their visit.