Outdoor photo of New Aalborg University Hospital

Delivering clean, healthy indoor air to a modern, iconic hospital

Systemair supplied Geniox air handling units to New Aalborg University Hospital, ensuring healthy, clean indoor air for patients and employees

New Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark

Ultimate flexibility with specialised products

Systemair's specialised products met the sprawling healthcare facility's extensive, unique, and stringent requirements and its different critical rooms and areas.

Energy-efficient, reliable solutions

Systemair designed a suitable technical solution that lived up to client requirements while ensuring low energy consumption.

Adaptable delivery support

Systemair delivered the AHUs in separate sections according to client's wishes to ensure ease of transportation because of narrow spaces.

Hygienic feature requirements

Systemair solutions met tender requirements for easy cleanability, airtightness classes, and the flexibility to install control components for the recirculation units to the operation theatres.


DP Ventilation


The Indigo Consortium

Indigo is a consortium consisting of several companies including Aarhus Arkitekterne, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Creo Arkitekter, OJ Rådgivende Ingeniører, Brix & Kamp Rådgivende Ingeniører, NNE Pharmaplan and Royal Haskoning.


Norconsult, Implement Consulting Group, Arkitekterne Bjørk & Maigaard, Kirstine Jensens Tegnestue

Lobby rendering of New Aalborg University Hospital
New Aalborg University Hospital is the largest building project in Northern Denmark

Serving the largest hospital in Northern Denmark

New Aalborg University Hospital is the largest building project in the entire region of Northern Denmark, with a sprawling 170,000 m2 spread across seven buildings. The first sod was cut in October 2013, and the hospital is expected to be completed in 2023. By the first half of 2024, the hospital is expected to be commissioned and receive its first patients.

Systemair’s client for the project is DP Ventilation, which oversees the ventilation requirements of four building sections in the hospital. The solutions were designed to provide comfort ventilation for the following:

  • general wards

  • psychiatry department

  • emergency room

  • operating theatres

The collaboration with Systemair has been as expected: Good and solid. Everything has been delivered according to the agreements. It has been easy to find solutions for special needs that haven’t always been aligned with a standard solution.

Peter Andersen
Project Manager, DP Ventilation

Meeting different critical requirements

Systemair was given a short timetable to design a suitable technical solution that lived up to the hospital’s strict hygienic requirements while ensuring reliability and low energy consumption. Systemair leveraged expertise and its strong network to provide quick and competent service in critical parts of the project.

DP Ventilation chose the air handling units (AHUs) from Systemair because they addressed several critical project requirements:

  • The Geniox range came in a wide range of sizes that were especially well-suited for such a project, which had to be sensitive to the various areas it was ventilating, including the wards, psychiatry department, emergency room, and operating theatres.

  • The AHUs met the project’s tender requirements, including easy cleanability, airtightness classes and flexibility in installing control components for the recirculation units to the operation theatres.

  • The solutions provided extensive assembly possibilities, receiving good feedback from installers.

One of the main benefits of the Geniox is ultimate flexibility. That was an especially crucial matter for the customer that had to address many critical requirements to uphold the highest standards of healthcare.

Bo Sterner
Sales Director at Systemair Denmark
DP Ventilation oversees the ventilation requirements of four building sections in the hospital.

Adapting to project delivery demands

The AHUs were delivered in different stages throughout the building’s construction, according to the development of the different areas. The customers were especially appreciative of being given the option to have staggered delivery in separate sections to ease the transportation into narrow spaces.

Overall, Systemair provided: 48 air handling units, consisting of 24 Geniox AHUs and 24 Danvent AHUs including 17 of the large DV190 AHUs.

A closer look at the solutions

Twenty-four AHUs are supplying a total airflow of 650.000 m3/h. These units were delivered as separate units with run around coils which eliminate the risk of short circuit of air currents between exhaust air and supply air

All air handling units are separated into only six duct systems. Twelve of the air handling units in the largest building provide a total airflow of 360.000 m3/h in only one duct system. This solution ensures an extremely high degree of stability of the air supply.

Systemair has also delivered 32 recirculation units, each supplying an airflow of 3.600 m3/h. Each of these units provides an individual operating theatre.

Flexibility and support

The customer was delighted with the flexibility and support provided by Systemair for the project and Systemair’s efforts throughout the process to ensure its solutions meet the project’s particular requirements. In 2018, the order served as a seal of approval for the first-generation Geniox products, which were, at the time, newly launched.A c

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