HVI Certified Ratings Programs

HVI’s performance certification programme provides residential ventilation manufacturers across the world the means to confidently report comparable and creditable product performance

Home Ventilating Institute (HVI)

The HVI-certified label on residential ventilating products represents qualified testing performed by an independent laboratory for airflow, sound, energy, and lighting.

For consumer assurance, HVI ensures residential ventilation manufacturers report comparable and creditable product performance information to consumers.

An innovative online searchable product directory is available for all HVI-certified product areas, allowing you to identify credible, vetted solutions quickly.

HVI Certification is integral to Systemair's and Fantech's quality and performance commitments

Systemair and its daughter company Fantech have been major participants with HVI for over two decades, covering

  • Bathroom Fans

  • Dryer Exhaust Duct Power Ventilators

  • Duct Boosting Fans

  • Radon Fans

  • Inline Duct Fans

  • Fresh Air Appliances

In fact, we’re offering one of the most extensive portfolios of HVI Certified solutions in North America, which underlines our stringent efficiency, sustainability, and quality principles.

HVI Certified Ratings in numbers


Systemair/Fantech products available in the HVI-Certified Products Directory in 2022


Product categories certified to date


HVI is estimated to represent in excess of 90% of residential ventilation products sold in the US and Canada
*Systemair estimates

Benefits for Customers

Our HVI-Certified solutions undergo stringent checks, including:

Annual verification process that ensures compliance

Random marketplace procurement of products for testing

Performance tests of real products conducted in an accredited, third-party laboratory

Separating facts from fiction

Being certified does not ensure quality performance

It proves that the manufacturer’s performance data are according to industry standards. It does not necessarily mean that a unit automatically complies with minimum performance regulations.

A certification body does not tell companies how to manufacture products unless explicitly specified

The aim is to validate performance claims from manufacturers against the allowed deviations set within these certification schemes.

Performance certification schemes by different certification bodies are not at par with each other

It is crucial to recognise the true implications of each certification program and the differentiators between the certification programs in the market.

At Systemair, we have been active in all major North American HVACR associations for decades. We like to challenge the status quo, pushing for higher energy efficiency and indoor air quality standards. Together with our industry partners at the HVI association, we have managed to raise the bar in terms of residential ventilation in North America.

Bertrand Poirier
Innovation Manager, Systemair North America HVI and HRAI Board Member, member to multiple ASHRAE, AHRI and HVI working groups

How Systemair and HVI align

As a ventilation manufacturer of fans and fresh air appliances, Systemair/Fantech seeks to deliver energy-efficient solutions for a healthier living environment. At the same time, HVI works to advance and promote dependable ventilation practices through product certification, stakeholder education, and codes & standards participation to make indoor air healthier. Much of our residential ventilation products are HVI performance certified.

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Power to the consumer!

HVI provides resources for the consumer that include maintaining their appliance, understanding mechanical ventilation and its importance of it, IAQ articles, Green building programs and ventilation seminars, and other resources on their links of interest page.