AMCA Certified Ratings Program

AMCA's Certified Ratings Program provides trustworthy performance ratings globally for commercial and industrial air movement & air control products

Air Movement and Control Association International

Products certified through AMCA International’s Certified Ratings Program (CRP) provide the market with reliable performance representations for airflow, sound, and energy consumption. AMCA qualifies companies’ catalogue ratings and allows AMCA performance labels to display on Certified equipment, catalogues, and websites. Certified performance ratings are validated by their listing on AMCA’s website Certified product search page.

For the consumer's assurance, AMCA performs check tests on a periodic basis to ensure manufacturers continue to report comparable and creditable product performance information. An innovative energy labelling scheme is available for most Certified product areas, allowing consumers to identify credible, vetted solutions quickly. Any third party or competing manufacturer can initiate challenge testing of AMCA Certified products as well.

AMCA Certification is integral to Systemair's quality and performance commitments

The Systemair Group, including Fantech and Frico, has been a major participant with AMCA for multiple decades, covering:

  • Air Curtains

  • Axial Fans

  • Ceiling Ventilators

  • Inline Fans

  • Jet Fans

  • Mixed Flow Fans

  • Power Roof Ventilators (PRVs)

  • Propeller Fans

  • Single Room Air Handlers

Our extensive portfolio of AMCA Certified solutions underlines our commitment to stringent efficiency, sustainability, and quality principles.

Benefits for Customers

Our AMCA Certified solutions undergo stringent checks, including:

Verification that offered products are tested to AMCA Standards and perform as advertised.

Performance tests of real products that are conducted in accredited laboratories.

Software audits that guarantee the validity of output data.

At Systemair, we’ve been a proud AMCA member and participant in Certified Rating Programmes for decades. In addition to our range of AMCA-accredited labs across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, this underlines our continuous commitment to delivering rigorously tested and certified products meeting the highest energy efficiency and quality levels.

Ola Wettergren
Business Development Director, Systemair NA Member of multiple AMCA technical working groups, Past President at HVI

Matching industry practices with standards developed for energy-efficiency and green construction

AMCA constantly revises standards and publications to proactively move with the HVAC market. In 2019, AMCA’s members finalised a new fan-efficiency metric: FEI.

The Standard is named ANSI/AMCA Standard 214-21 - Test Procedure for Calculating Fan Energy Index (FEI) for Commercial and Industrial Fans and Blowers.

What is the Fan Energy Index (FEI)?

The Fan Energy Index (FEI)...

  • Measures wire-to-air efficiency,

  • Is based on Operating Point as opposed to Peak Efficiency,

  • Allows comparison for application based on fan types and sizes, motor, and drive combinations.

Remember …

Higher FEI (Fan Energy Index) = Higher efficiency

Lower FEP (Fan Electric Input Power) = Lower electricity consumption

Optimising fan selection saves energy!

FEI is gradually making its way into model energy codes and standards for energy efficiency and green construction as a reference standard for provisions in the following:

  • 2021 International Green Construction Code (IgCC),

  • ANSI/ASHRAE/IES 90.1-2019,


  • 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), and

  • Various State Codes

Further, FEI serves as a basis for upcoming California Energy Commission and Department of Energy legislations. Systemair utilizes AMCA Certified Ratings Program for fan air performance to match our sustainability framework ambitions.

Systemair is proud to partner with AMCA, and will continue to be a major participant moving forward.

Learn more about the standards and publications behind the AMCA Certified label

With over 60 standards, publications, application guides, educational texts, and safety guides published, AMCA’s mission is to, “…advance the knowledge of air systems and uphold industry integrity on behalf of AMCA members worldwide”. Through education and active advocacy, the association works to advance the HVAC industry for members and consumers globally.

Systemair is actively involved in the refinement and development of old and new standards alike. Our employees are active on the AMCA Board of Directors and on many of the AMCA standard review committees to ensure normal industry practices are documented and accurate.