Systemair's Technical Handbook

An in-depth guide to understanding the principles and practices of ventilation

Ventilation holds a pivotal role in contemporary society. While research underscores the critical impact of indoor air quality (IAQ) on our health, well-being and productivity, there is an ever-growing emphasis on energy efficiency worldwide. Consequently, both the components and technical designs of HVAC systems face high expectations to ensure optimal indoor climate in the most sustainable way.

Our Technical Handbook targets engineers, architects, technicians, HVAC professional, and anyone passionate about mastering indoor climate control. It is your gateway to Systemair’s extensive expertise within system solutions, applications, ventilation theories and products.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Explore facets of modern ventilation, from understanding the pivotal role of indoor climate in health and productivity to mastering the physics of airflow and acoustics.

  • In-Depth Fan Analysis: Unravel various fan types, their applications, and integration within complex systems.

  • Control and Monitoring: Understand fan controls, drive design, and meticulous system monitoring to ensure optimal performance.

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At Systemair, we dedicate over 450,000 design hours annually to developing innovative ventilation products. Our focus is on meeting and future demands for energy-efficient and secure system solutions.

Lena Eklind
Group Technical Director

A guide to indoor well-being

Ventilation goes beyond air circulation. It stands as a foundational element of our health and well-being. Therefore, ventilation is not merely about refreshing the air, it involves creating spaces that foster health, productivity, and comfort.

In our Technical Handbook, you can, for example explore the findings of the Värmland Study, revealing the correlation between ventilation and children’s health, and gain insights into how a well-ventilated home contributes to improved health outcomes for children.

Additionally, you’ll learn more about the Bamse Study, which examines the triggers for allergies and asthma in children, shedding light on the intricate relationship between indoor conditions and the development of respiratory issues.

Learn from our Technical Handbook to make smart choices and turn indoor areas into healthy and comfortable spaces.

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