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Nakheel Mall Riyadh Exterior
Nakheel Mall, Saudi Arabia

Creating optimum indoor climates for the health and comfort of mall visitors

Systemair enabled Nakheel Mall, a luxury commercial facility, to provide clean and comfortable air to their visitors by supplying high-quality fans.
The Pearl Island Resort
Marsa Arabia Kempisky Hotel Island Resort, Qatar

Delivering reliable operations and the highest standards of safety in a world-class, luxury hotel

Systemair supplied the complete car park ventilation of Marsa Arabia Kempisky Hotel Island Resort in The Pearl
Exterior of BokLok housing apartments
Boklok Housing, Sweden

Delivering modern ventilation solutions to support sustainable housing for all

Systemair supports BoKlok in its aim to make homeownership accessible to everyone through climate-neutral production
Riyadh Park Mall Illustration
Riyadh Park, Saudi Arabia

Offering high-quality ventilation to guarantee the comfort and safety of mall visitors

Systemair supplied more than 100 fans to one of the premier shopping malls in Saudi Arabia to guarantee the safety and comfort of visitors and mall staff.
Al Majdoul Exterior
Al-Majdoul Tower, Saudi Arabia

Offering sustainable and comfortable indoor climate to commercial visitors in the Middle East

Systemair supplied the iconic Al-Majdoul commercial tower in Saudi Arabia, considered the eighth-tallest twisting tower globally, with fire-rated fans to ensure the comfort and safety of visitors
Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Saudi Arabia

Ensuring optimum ventilation in critical areas within the hotel facility

Systemair supplies fans to ensure optimum ventilation in critical areas of the Courtyard is a hotel owned and operated by Marriott International in Saudi Arabia
Exterior Metro Station
Western Station, Saudi Arabia

Balancing comfort ventilation with energy-efficient operation amid harsh regional conditions

Systemair supplied more than 200 fans to one of the iconic stations part of Riyadh’s mega-infrastructure project
Qasr Al Hokm Station, Saudi Arabia

Delivering reliable comfort ventilation to metro stations in high-ambient conditions

Systemair delivers over a hundred fans to Saudi Arabia's iconic metro station
SAMS Clinical Centre exterior
SAMS Clinical Centre, Portugal

Meeting world-class hygiene standards for patient safety and comfort

Supplying a hygienic AHU and virucidal filters to the radiotherapy department of a leading clinical centre in Lisbon, Portugal
Stantec Tower Exterior
Stantec Tower, Canada

Supporting sustainable & human-centric building designs

Systemair supplies high-efficiency inline duct fans to Sky Residences in Stantec Tower, a 66-floor LEED Gold Certified skyscraper in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta in Canada
Nynäshamn residential exterior
Nynäshamnsbostäder Residential Area, Sweden

Record-breaking retrofit installation to upgrade 1950s residential units

Successfully installing modern ventilation equipment to 135 apartments in 7 months through skilled project management and cooperation
atNorth Data Centre, Iceland

Cooling 100% green-powered data centres

Delivering most efficient air cool system to support the expansion of Iceland's largest data centre operator
New Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark

Delivering clean, healthy indoor air to a modern, iconic hospital

Systemair supplied Geniox air handling units to New Aalborg University Hospital, ensuring healthy, clean indoor air for patients and employees
Boden Green House, Sweden

Powering a pioneering Data Centre project

Using waste heat from data centres to grow vegetables at -30°C
Lego Factory, Mexico

Custom ventilation solutions for a world-class toy factory

Systemair solutions safeguard the indoor climate of Lego’s factory year-round amidst Mexico’s extreme temperature fluctuations
Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort

Delivering precision ventilation in a luxury hotel’s pool environment

Systemair supplied customised solutions to secure the indoor climate of a historical building
Malteserordenstraße Residential Buildings, Germany
Malteserordenstraße Residential Buildings, Germany

Meeting the developer's vision for sustainable and energy-efficient homes

Systemair supplied state-of-the-art residential air handling units and ventilation solutions to meet the developer's desire to provide an optimum indoor climate in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner
One South County, Dublin
One South County, Ireland

Helping partners achieve sustainability accreditation

Systemair supplied quality air handling units and fans to meet the commercial project’s strict energy efficiency requirements and sustainability targets.
National Health Laboratory, Qatar
National Health Laboratory, Qatar

Showcasing how specialised air solutions can be hygienic and sustainable

Systemair delivers an extensive and specialised product range to ensure the most hygienic air quality levels without sacrificing energy-efficient operation
Al Mutahidah Towers
Al-Mutahidah Towers, Qatar

Delivering safety and security to a luxury development’s car park

Systemair’s extensive range of fan solutions addressed the stringent requirements of the residential project in the heart of Qatar’s most iconic neighbourhood
Irish Life Dundalk
Irish Life, Ireland

Balancing strict civil and local planning requirements

Systemair enabled Irish Life to meet strict civil and local planning requirements
polarbear, Pairi Daiza Zoo
Pairi Daiza Zoo, Belgium

Solving for a variety of indoor climates in a single project

With multiple indoor and outdoor environments for both people and animals, the Pairi Daiza Zoo project came with many challenges.