Al Majdoul Exterior

Offering sustainable and comfortable indoor climate to commercial visitors in the Middle East

Systemair supplied the iconic Al-Majdoul commercial tower in Saudi Arabia, considered the eighth-tallest twisting tower globally, with fire-rated fans to ensure the comfort and safety of visitors

Al-Majdoul Tower, Saudi Arabia

Suitable and holistic solutions

The project required many products to meet its indoor climate goals and benefitted from Systemair's position as a total solutions provider.

Seamless controls for optimum maintenance and operations

Intelligent controls and integration were vital to ensure the customer could effectively control indoor climates for the comfort and safety of visitors.

Superior indoor climates

The project focused on solutions that offered superior air quality and reliability amidst the region's harsh climates and conditions.


Aiming for comfort and safety

The Al Majdoul Tower is a 50-storey skyscraper featuring an iconic twisted design at the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is considered the eighth-tallest twisting tower globally. It is a notable feature in the city's unique skyline, underlining the country's forward-thinking vision and appreciation for unique designs and architecture.

As the luxury tower was designed to be a commercial centre, it was imperative that the project offers an ideal indoor climate and ensures the safety of all future visitors and tenants.

Fans for every requirement

To help clients meet this objective, Systemair supplied:

  • AXC-G (B) Fire-rated axial fans

  • AXC (B) Fire-rated axial fans

  • K Centrifugal inline fans

  • KVB Centrifugal inline fans

Systemair was chosen for the project because its extensive product range offers the most complete and suitable solutions for crucial aspects of the project.

The solutions were also favoured because of their smart controls and integration, which would be especially helpful in operation and maintenance. Such features will help ensure facility managers and operators can provide the most suitable indoor climate that is fit for purpose and, as a result, most energy-efficient.

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