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X-TA 450 EL 3kW 230V 1~ AHU
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  • Available in 7 sizes
  • Airflow between 200 to 4500m3/h
  • Low overall height
  • Complete with integrated control system
  • Factory tested
  • Speed-controllable
  • Three different air temp. control
    - Supply air
    - Supply air with outdoor temp. compensation*
    - Extract/Room air**
  • Parallel running of possible extract fan
  • A wide range of accessories


TA is a series of supply air-handling units designed for ventilating petrol stations, schools, shops, offices and other smaller premises. The units have low overall height and are easy to install in existing premises.

The units are delivered complete with control system, heating battery and filters. The TA EL has an electric re-heater, whilst the TA HW uses a hot-water battery for re-heating. Speed-controllable, high efficiency plug fans make service and cleaning easy.

The double skin casing is insulated with 50 mm mineral wool to minimize sound to the environment. The units are controlled from a user-friendly control panel that can be mounted on the wall.


TA is as standard equipped with the following communication possibilities: Exoline and Modbus via RS-485, a built-in WEB server via TCP/IP and BACnet/IP.


The unit have energy saving functions like:
- Free cooling.
- Demand controlled airflow by using a digital CO2-, humidity-sensor or a movement detector.
- Season related temperature and airflow controlling.
- Sum alarm output preventing incorrect operation.



*  Use the accessory duct sensor (TG-KH/PT1000) for measuring the outdoor temperature.
** Use the accessory duct sensor (TG-KH/PT1000) or the room sensor (TG-R5/PT1000) for measuring of the extract air or room temperature.  



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