IV-50 EC, the first and only AMCA certified jet fan on the market.

Meet Systemair’s North American IV-50 EC High-Induction Centrifugal Jet Fan: The first and only AMCA certified jet fan on the market.

The future of underground and enclosed parking garage designs just got a little safer and quieter thanks to the recent introduction of Systemair’s IV-50 EC High Induction Centrifugal Jet Fan and its subsequent certification by the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA). The IV-50 EC is the first and only ventilation product ever to be certified to AMCA International’s Jet Fan Certified Ratings Program (CRP, Rating Method H), which is tested to Standard 250 for both air/thrust performance and Standard 300 for sound performance. 

The new certification, specific to the needs of jet fans for measurements including induction and thrust, is a significant development for the engineering community, because it verifies our performance values resulting in better, more cost effective and energy efficient performance designs for underground and enclosed parking garages. The AMCA certification provides third party confirmation of the IV-50 EC sound and airflow test data gathered in AMCA‘s certified laboratory.

The IV-50 EC is low-profile High Induction Centrifugal Jet Fan that optimises the combined performance factors, including airflow, induction, thrust and throw, to move and dilute contaminants in the most effective and energy-efficient manner. 

The IV-50 EC will be manufactured in our US plant in Lenexa, KS and available in June.

Link to CTA – AMCA Vertification Product page

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