Geniox with ECO heat exchangers offer better performance within the same unit size

Systemair has further increased the flexibility of its line of Geniox air-handling units (AHUs) with a new range of models incorporating larger, ECO heat exchangers that give higher efficiency and lower pressure drop. Instead of choosing a larger size Geniox unit, the customer can simply select a one-size larger heat recovery section in a unit with almost the same small footprint.

"In response to market demands we wanted to achieve higher efficiency and lower pressure drop over a range of air flows. For this reason, we developed these new Geniox models containing larger, ECO heat exchanger units, which will be available in rotary, counterflow and crossflow models."

Rikard Lindbom
Product Area Director, Energy Recovery, Systemair

Good news for ventilation contractors and consultants!

“Now, instead of choosing a larger size Geniox unit, customers can simply select a one-size larger heat recovery section,” explains Rikard.

“The heat recovery section is the mid-section of the AHU and increasing the size has only a marginal effect on the overall dimensions and footprint of the unit (see illustration). All the other components, such as fans and filters, remain the same.”

How much more efficient are the ECO sizes?

The performance increases achieved by using the ECO size heat exchangers compared with the standard sizes vary according to the choice of components and the air velocity in the unit.

In the new Geniox models, the centrally located heat recovery section is larger to accommodate high-efficiency ECO heat exchangers.

"Using the ECO heat exchanger instead of our standard model with very high efficiency, reduces heating consumption by up to 20% and electrical energy consumption by up to 15%, in an installation with almost the same footprint."

Mikael Rydell
Commercial Product Manager, AHU, Systemair

In a nutshell Geniox with ECO heat exchangers

  • Higher efficiency and airflow

  • Lower pressure drop and SFP values

  • Almost the same footprint

Istock 486916254 Syscad

Using Systemair’s configuration tool SystemairCAD, which incorporates the new Geniox models with ECO heat exchangers, consultants will find it easy to choose the right Geniox configurations for an even wider range of projects.