Systemair Launches #HygienicByDesign Geniox Air Handling Units in North America

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As a leader in innovative ventilation solutions, Systemair is excited to introduce #HygienicByDesign, which represents a paradigm shift in air handling technology. This new approach is not merely a set of features; it embodies a comprehensive standard of excellence in air handling unit design and engineering.

Originating in Europe and expanding to other continents, #HygienicByDesign provides a holistic view of ventilation, with a meticulous design process in which the whole unit, not just the filter, contributes to a cleaner, healthier indoor environment. Typically, “hygiene” means that a unit is certified for use in critical healthcare applications, but Systemair believes this term needs a reevaluation. Given that air handling units aid in fostering healthy indoor environments, the word applies in other ways thanks to some of Geniox’s unique features.

Features and Advancements of #HygienicByDesign

What makes Geniox units #HygienicByDesign?

It starts at the outer shell, with corrosion-resistant materials (C4 corrosion class — ISO 12944) that ensure long-lasting durability. This design choice also helps eliminate the potential for mold growth that could pollute the air flow. Surfaces are engineered for easy cleaning, minimizing hard-to-reach corners where dirt can accumulate.

Geniox units are certified to Class 2 of the Eurovent Hygienic Air Handling Unit standard. This compliance underscores their suitability for sensitive environments such as healthcare facilities, while also being ideal for spaces classified under Class 1. Most other air handling units available in North America cannot claim this certification.

This advancement means that Geniox AHUs are certified hygiene-friendly per VDI 6022-1 and come with 1- to –3-star ratings, meeting different hygienic requirements. All plastic casing components in the airflow are ISO 846 compliant, and a third party performs annual factory and selection software audits.

Who Benefits from #HygienicByDesign?

From healthcare settings to schools, #HygienicByDesign brings a breath of fresh air to various project sectors and the teams that manage them. Facility managers will benefit from the ease of maintenance, while design engineers will find the units to be an excellent choice for ensuring healthy environments for their customers.

Ultimately, the most significant impact of #HygienicByDesign is on the individuals who occupy these spaces — whether they are working, learning, or healing.

Innovating for a Healthier Environment

At Systemair, we are not just manufacturing air handling units; we are revolutionizing them. #HygienicByDesign represents a challenge to conventional air handling unit design, offering a product that is both customizable and efficient. This initiative embodies the perfect fusion of tailor-made and standard solutions, delivering unmatched value to the spaces it serves.

The #HygienicByDesign Geniox units are a testament to our commitment to innovation, health and sustainability. Explore how these units can transform your air quality management by checking out #HygienicByDesign.

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