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For that fresh and clean feeling in every room.SAVE Air Handling Units

Crisp, fresh, and clean air for every home.

Unlock even greater efficiency

SAVE AHUs come with different heating and cooling recovery methods. Allowing you to further boost the energy efficiency of your units, wherever they’re installed.

Performance you can rely on

Our heat exchanger systems automatically regulates the heat/cool recovery and has automatic defrosting functions. Your SAVE AHUs will keep you comfortable inside, no matter the weather on the outside.

For buildings big and small

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an apartment block, SAVE air handling units are a perfect match for any indoor spaces up to 550m².

Health and safety first

SAVE air handling units are Eurovent certified and ErP compliant, easy to service and maintain. So you can relax – knowing the air you breathe is clean and pure.

Full control, from anywhere

All SAVE units come with SAVE Control – multiple, easy-to-use interfaces that let you communicate with your AHUs wherever you are.

Latest and Upcoming Residential Ventilation Products

See the latest developments and new offerings in our energy-efficient residential ventilation product portfolio, for example:

  • Wall- and ceiling-mounted units with counterflow heat exchanger

  • Wall- and ceiling-mounted unit with rotary heat exchanger, by pass functionality included

  • SAVE CONNECT 2.0 remote control and unit configuration

Ready when you are.

All SAVE residential air handling units come pre-programmed and tested – so you can install them as soon as they’re delivered.

For peace. And quiet.

SAVE AHUs are powered by energy-saving, quiet-operating EC fans. For a peaceful and quiet home, and for your peace of mind.

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Feels just like home.

SAVE units come in a wide range of sizes, dimensions, and colors to blend in perfectly with the look and feel of any home.

Modern landed house

For new.

SAVE residential air handling units are perfect for both new builds …

Renovated city house

And old-to-new.

… and renovation projects of all shapes and sizes.

Laundry room, VTR 275

SAVE top connected residential AHUs

For wall-mounted or freestanding installations in laundry, mechanical, or storage room spaces up to 550m².

2021 Sp Or 18 Save Vsr 300 Attic

SAVE side connected residential AHUs

Suits inline duct installations for indoor environments and residential spaces of up to 400m².

2021 Sp Or 18 Save Vsc 200 Laundry Room V02b

SAVE false ceiling residential AHUs

Wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted units for smaller houses and apartments with an area of 300m².

Choose how you want to control it

With SAVE air handling units, you get to decide how you control it – through a simple control panel in your home to a full-featured mobile app.