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Hygienic HVAC solutions for Healthcare

HVAC’s vital role in healthcare

Fresh, clear air plays a critical role in promoting the health and healing of patients. Likewise, stable and sterile indoor environments enable medical procedures or experiments to be carried out in line with strict work, health, and safety requirements.

At Systemair we are proud to offer superior AHUs and solutions that meet healthcare’s requirements for easily-controllable indoor climates with high air quality, operating at maximum energy efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Easily controllable indoor climates

High air quality

Maximum energy efficiency

Optimum ventilation and circulation

Stable, reliable performance

Easy to install, clean, and maintain

All our HVAC solutions come certified by the highest product certifications in the global market.

Our #HygenicByDesign initiative continues to push the boundaries in developing products that are hygiene-certified from their moment of creation. This gives our customers multiple options to meet their project requirements – from design specifications to performance and filtration, to smart control systems and beyond.

Serkan Keleş
Senior Business Development Engineer, Systemair Turkey

Why choose Systemair?

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Multiple solutions to suit every project

Even though all our products are economical, easy to control, noise-free, and energy-efficient – every project comes with its own challenges.

To help you move ahead with your project faster, you can use the easy selection tool to discover which solutions can meet your project’s requirements.

Our global team of experts has strong experience in supplying HVAC solutions for every type of healthcare facility – and our broad range is ideal for refurbishments typical of such large facilities, with a faster return on investment and longer equipment lifespans.

Pablo Varela
Global Product Director Systemair Group
Geniox, hygienic by design

#HygienicByDesign approach

All Systemair products proudly meet local and regional guidelines and requirements, as well as the highest global standards set by international bodies such as HTM, VDI, and Eurovent.

This is because every single product is designed to be as hygienic, energy-efficient, and reliable in performance as possible. Enabling you to future-proof every healthcare project you’re involved with.

We offer flexibility with our wide variety of certifications, which makes our products adaptable for every market. Our commitment in providing only the highest level of IAQ has led to the development of product ranges that are #HygienicByDesign. Our R&D team also works tirelessly on improving existing AHU range and expanding options related to filtration.

Morten Schmelzer
Public Affairs and Technical Marketing Director
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Smart control systems

Aside from being easy to install, clean, and maintain, every HVAC solution we offer comes with smart and reliable system controls.

This lets your clients run their systems smoothly and confidently by themselves while reducing their ongoing operational costs.

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Always by your side

Even when your involvement with a project ends, our customer and after-sales support continue for your clients.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are here to help your clients manage, troubleshoot, and maintain their systems. For optimum performance and high IAQ every single day.