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Data centre cooling solutions

Safe, energy-efficient cooling systems, delivering high profitability with maximum uptime

Cooling: Mission-critical for data centres and server rooms

As global demand for online processes and data transmission skyrockets, the need for building more and more energy efficient datacenters increases.

And if data centres and server rooms are to stay profitable into the future, it’s crucial they align now with the world’s long-term energy and environmental goals.

At Systemair, we provide a range of hard-wearing, high-energy-efficiency cooling solutions that perform their best all year long – with minimal impact on the environment. So you can confidently meet local, national, and international standards for energy efficiency, without compromising your centre’s performance.

Precise and reliable operations

Maximum energy efficiency

Easy maintenance and installation

Long-term sustainability

Why choose Systemair?

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Pre-tested to assure performance

All Systemair data centre and server room cooling products are pre-tested in our specialised Test Centre to assure their performance under simulated conditions.

Remote Access allows you to see, first-hand, exactly how your solutions will perform – under simulated data center heat load for even most challenging outdoor climate conditions, including:

  • Real server rack simulation up to 500kW load.

  • Outdoor air test conditions from -5 °C to +45 °C.

  • Controls and alarm simulation testing.

The Test Centre is AMCA210 accredited for airflows from 5,000 m³/h to 100,000 m³/h. All measurement techniques used are conducted in accordance with ASHRAE I43-2015.

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Customisable for different climates

There are many things we can control – but the weather isn’t one of them. So it doesn’t make sense to have a data centre or server room cooling solution that only functions at its best within a tight range of climate conditions.

Systemair data centre and server room cooling solutions can easily be customised to your application case, ensuring they will operate as efficiently and smoothly as possible, no matter if they’re exposed to extreme heat to extreme cold.

Data Centre Server Room

Adaptable to challenging spaces

With more and more demand for IT capacities installed in the data center, there is less space left for technical areas and cooling systems.

Systemair’s cooling solutions come with multiple configuration options, so you can rest assured there is always a smart way to install your units for the smallest possible physical footprint, including:

  • Walkable Clusters which can be accessed from the inside for servicing.

  • Lego principle clusters to save space for service corridors in between units, creating breezing wall systems with even air distribution along the whole installation width.

  • Vertical units for minimal footprint and even “no footprint” solutions with horizontal fan walls.

Geniox Tera

Geniox Tera

Geniox Tera Indirect Free-cooling units

Geniox Tera are designed to meet high requirements for sustainable cooling that is achieved by usage of outdoor air and the natural cooling effect of the water evaporation process.

Evaporative cooling solutions with extremely low energy consumption

Considering ASHRAE’s regulations for IT equipment, Geniox Tera units are able to Free-cool all year round in most European locations. In really hot regions, free-cooling can be used in combination with built-in mechanical cooling stage constantly assuring lowest power consumption and minimal environmental impact.

  • Ultra-efficient free-cooling with no outside air in the data center.

  • Cooling capacity up to 400 kW.

  • Low pPUE and low water consumption.

  • Water recirculation system and multi-stage water quality control.

Geniox Tera Indirect Free-Cooling features:

  • Minimized or eliminated need for mechanical cooling.

  • Reduced amount of hours in Wet free-cooling mode and higher water usage efficiency at the same operating conditions.

  • Minimized fan power consumption due to reduced internal pressure drops.

  • Optional Integrated DX cooling circuit.

  • Wide range of Heat recovery solutions.

Geniox Tera unit

Geniox Tera Direct Free-Cooling Units

Business-critical hyperscale data centres require cooling solutions that are both energy-efficient to save costs, and reliable – with minimal to zero downtime.

Stable and efficient cooling units you can rely on

Geniox Tera Direct Free-Cooling Units have been specially-developed for hyperscale data centre cooling applications. With minimal footprints, the lowest pPUE figures, and modular designs, they deliver incredible performance in almost any configuration.

Highly flexible, compact, and modular for the most efficient use of technical spaces.

Off the shelf unit range with cooling capacity up to 400 kW, and customised units with cooling capacity up to 840 kW.

Integrated controls and sensors for easy operation with your choice of ATS and UPS for controls.

Geniox Tera Direct Free-Cooling units features

  • Assure minimal pPUE.

  • Have ultra-low OPEX, delivering natural free cooling with no mechanical support.

  • Deliver low air velocity and even air distribution along the data hall and deliver extremely efficient heat exchange due to reduced internal velocities.

  • Come with an optional heat recovery module and solutions for extremely low outdoor air temperatures.