Duct Fans

Systemair has proudly set industry standards for compact, reliable Duct Fans suitable for a range of applications and projects. Every duct fan is manufactured to the highest standards of quality, functionality, and reliability while being compact.

Our wide selection of Duct Fans comes with different connections and airflows, and all solutions are equipped with highly efficient EC motors for silent performance.

Duct Fans

A duct fan is a type of fan that is built into the ventilation duct. They can be used in a wide range of applications, such as industrial ventilation solutions, commercial building ventilation systems, kitchens and bathrooms. Duct fans can be used for both moving heat and improving the indoor climate.

At Systemair you will find a wide range of duct fans, including circular duct fans, rectangular duct fans, square duct fans and insulated box fans. Under these category pages, you will find all our duct fans, which come with different connections and air volumes. Highly efficient EC motors ensure optimised energy efficiency and silent operation.

Within our range, you'll find duct fans for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you need supply or exhaust air fans, you'll find them here at Systemair. Many of our duct fans are available in explosion-proof versions suitable for critical applications.

As an existing customer, you can order your duct fans directly in the Systemair Webshop and get an extra discount. In the webshop, you will also find various accessories, such as different control options as well as heating and cooling sections. In addition, you will also find all our air distribution products such as grilles, diffusers, etc.

Most often, a duct fan is controlled via a timer or a humidistat or thermostat located in the room. We have a wide range of controls for duct fans.

Benefits of Duct Fans

Using ducted fans increases the efficiency of the ventilation system. These fans are often used for rooms with high ceilings, as these can be difficult to heat or cool without them. If the temperature in the room is important, we recommend using ducted fans.

Generally speaking, there are two main reasons for using ducted fans. The first is to lower the noise level, as building the fan into the duct minimises noise in the room. Alternatively, the duct fan is often placed in the attic. The other reason for using duct fans is that compared to regular fans, a duct fan is more efficient and performs better, resulting in better exhaust performances.

Different types of Duct Fans

Our duct fans include box fans, circular duct fans, rectangular duct fans and centrifugal fans. They are available for different duct sizes and several of them are available in explosion-proof versions.

Circular Duct Fans

Our circular duct fans are designed to be built into or connected to round ventilation ducts. They are available for a wide range of duct sizes and are available with high-efficiency EC motors. In this category, you'll find our Prio, K, and KVK fans, among others, all of which can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Square Duct Fans

In the square duct fans category, you'll find our flexible MUB fans. They are available in a wide range of different versions to suit different applications. This means there is a MUB for every purpose.

Rectangular Duct Fans

Our range of rectangular duct fans includes RS, KE/KT and KTEX. They are available with different duct connection sizes and with high-efficiency EC motors.

Find the right Duct Fan for your project

Choosing the optimal duct fan depends on the room that needs to be ventilated. A bathroom duct fan should be able to replace the air six to eight times per hour, while for a living room or bedroom, this only needs to happen once per hour. The amount of air that the different duct fans can exchange per hour is stated on each product page.

It is also important to consider the placement of the duct fan, as this will affect the noise level. If it is placed in the attic, noise nuisance is avoided. However, a silencer may be necessary if the duct fan is placed elsewhere. For this purpose, our Prio Silent is perfect because it has an integrated silencer.

With our Fans Product Selector, you can easily find the duct fan that meets your specific requirements and needs. You can search for fans by connection type, fan type, air volume, external pressure and much more.

Cleaning and maintenance of Duct Fans

For long a lifecycle and efficient operation, the duct fan must be properly maintained after installation. Regular cleaning prevents the build-up of dust and dirt that can reduce performance and air quality. In addition, lubrication of the fan's motor and drive belt is also important.

Systemair duct fans ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. This means you don't have to spend unnecessary time and resources on cleaning and maintenance. For information on cleaning and maintenance of individual duct fans, please refer to the instruction manual for the specific product.