At Systemair, we believe that all general ventilation units should be hygienically designed – because everyone deserves to breathe fresh, clean, and healthy air.

Hygiene isn’t standard for all applications. But it should be.

Traditionally, the HVAC industry’s concept of “hygiene” refers to units that are certified for use in critical healthcare applications such as clean rooms and hospital operating theatres.

But we believe that the term “hygienic” needs rethinking. Because, by their definition, air handling units contribute to healthy indoor environments.

Challenging outdated ways of thinking

At Systemair, we are pushing forward by offering new, more hygienic options for all modular Geniox air handling units. And we have made hygienic options the standard offering for ventilation units across the board.

As a result, our #HygienicByDesign initiative is now setting new hygienic standards for the global HVAC industry.

Everyone deserves to breathe fresh, clean, and healthy air

What #HygienicByDesign means

#HygienicByDesign means that air handling units should be, at a minimum:

1. Naturally hygienic

AHUs should be constructed from smooth materials and surfaces which naturally prevent mould, dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants from building up.

2. Easy to clean

The inner parts of AHUs should be easily accessible, so operators can clean and maintain the inner parts of their air handling units more thoroughly. This means minimizing sharp edges, corners, and shapes where unhealthy particles can hide.

3. Resistant to corrosion

External surfaces should be special-coated to be resistant to corrosion. This is crucial for AHUs, especially in industrial applications, to ensure the units function at their best during long periods of operation.

Geniox is proudly #HygienicByDesign

Geniox is our first full product range that was created in line with our #HygienicByDesign initiative, and we are in the process of creating new product ranges that meet these hygienic standards.

Here’s how Geniox is hygienic by design:

  • All Geniox materials and components are certified in accordance with VDI 6022-1 to be hygiene-friendly.

  • The entire Geniox range comes with 1-3 star ratings to meet different hygienic requirements. And Geniox can be configured into a Eurovent HAHU or VDI 6022-1 certified unit in a straightforward, automated manner using the SystemairCAD selection software.

  • Geniox AHUs also offer up to 2 stars in the Eurovent HAHU rating, which is comparable with VDI 6022-1 and similar national requirements.

  • All Geniox units come with a C4 corrosion class (ISO 12944) and all plastic casing components in the airflow are ISO 846 compliant.

  • In addition, Geniox undergoes stringent, annual factory and selection software audits via a third party.

Explore the #HygienicByDesign Geniox range of air handling units

Geniox, Geniox is a fully customizable, high-quality, modular air handling unit offering the ultimate flexibility to suit every project.
Geniox is a fully customizable, high-quality, modular air handling unit offering the ultimate flexibility to suit every project.