Case Studies

Fanny Edel Falk Laboratory School

Changeair Air Handler Series Provides Indoor Ventilation for K-8 School

Historic Elementary School received an update to go green with Changeair Freshman Series Air Handlers
Philadelphia Mixed-use Towers

Leveraging Geniox+ to Improve Efficiency, Save Space, and Ease Labor

Systemair helped the owners of the Riverwalk mixed-use community towers by supplying a Geniox+ air handling unit with an integrated VRF system
Trio Newton Mixed-use Facility

Systemair Provides Jet Fans for Boston Car Park

Systemair helped the owners of this mixed-use facility achieve their green building aspirations
Stephen F. Gold Community Residences

The Perfect Duo - Geniox + VRF

Geniox makes VRF projects incredibly easy and efficient
2nd & Delaware

The World's Largest Passive House Building

This building features state-of-the-art energy saving solutions such as Systemair's Topvex Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) units that contribute to a Passive House designation
Lego Factory, Mexico

Custom ventilation solutions for a world-class toy factory

Systemair solutions safeguard the indoor climate of Lego’s factory year-round amidst Mexico’s extreme temperature fluctuations
Massena Electric

Massena Electric Manages Warmth and Fresh Air Efficiently in a Cold Climate

If the little town of Massena, New York were any further north it would be in Canada – and it has the climate to prove it.
Finger Lakes Technical & Career Center

Compact Energy Recovery Ventilator Complements Variable Refrigerant System

A real-world lesson in advanced technology can be found above the ceiling in a newly renovated wing of the Finger Lakes Technical & Career Center (FLTCC). The wing includes offices and conference rooms, which are now being conditioned using variable refrigerant (VRF) technology and ventilation air supplied by three Systemair Topvex energy recovery ventilators (ERVs).
The Lux

Retro Style and High Efficiency HVAC Blended Seamlessly at The LUX

How does a mid-century downtown office building in Wichita, Kansas, transition into a LEED-worthy apartment building and commercial space while still maintaining its cool 1950’s vibe?
Richmond City Centre

Topvex ERVs Provide Fresh Air Solution for University and Community Center

Designing HVAC systems for large, mixed-use facilities is never easy, but imagine if that design had to meet the diverse needs of both a university and a community center all within the same building.
Madison High School

Maine High School Transforms Learning Environment with Multi-function Classroom Air Handling Units

Systemair provided this high school with 25 Changeair air handling units for their 25 classrooms