Classroom Vertical Unit Ventilators


Green Ventilation

Classroom Vertical Unit Ventilators

Green Ventilation is a trustworthy environmental performance benchmark for our products. It includes hands-on sustainability criteria for each product area.

What it takes for Classroom Vertical Unit Ventilators to carry our Green Ventilation label

Air-side economizer control system

Include a control feature which opens the outside air damper to allow up to 100% of the supply-rated airflow for free cooling or increased ventilation needs. This enables significant cooling energy savings.

EC fan and motor technology

Contain EC fans with an IE5 efficiency class.

Energy recovery system

Include an energy recovery system, ensuring that your heated or chilled air is recovered and not wasted in the environment.

Integrated controls

Possess an integrated control system enabling temperature and CO2 demand controls. This ensures the most energy-efficient performance and unit optimisation through demand control, damper logic, defrost and a wide variety of other functions.

Discovers some of our Green Ventilation solutions