Sophomore Air Handling Units

Our Sophomore series is the Systemair line of self-contained packaged classroom units, whether you are looking for an air-source heat pump or simply a packaged AC in the classroom the Sophomore series has you covered for heating, ventilation, cooling, energy recovery, and so much more.

The Changeair Sophomore decentralized self-contained units are available with sound power data from an accredited AMCA reverberant laboratory, NC35 units with a compressor in the classroom are a reality!

Our air-source heat pump or packaged AC models can be configured with electric heating elements (coils), hydronic hot water, steam or high-efficiency gas.

Unmatched sound performance

Sound Power Data from an AMCA Accredited Reverberant Sound Laboratory, NC30 classrooms are a reality.

Flexible design

HVAC performance suitable for modular classrooms, office spaces, gyms and workshops.

High efficiency performance

Using only the best internal components, ensures an energy efficient and sustainable ventilation solution.

Easy service

All components are designed to facilitate maintenance, which ensures a long, reliable, stress-free operation.

Building management system (BMS)

Select Factory Standalone or Networked BACnet controls, Controls by Others, or simple DDC terminal strip.

CLASS Software - easy selection

Our design program ensures an optimal dimensioning of the unit’s functions, quickly and easily.

Options and Features

Condenser coils

1-inch drain line and P-trap with stainless steel drain pan as standard

2-Stage scroll compressor

Insulated acoustic condenser panel

Using state-of-the-art sound dampening techniques and triple isolating sound-reducing practices our units are so much more quiet, backed by AMCA lab data.

Enlarged, laminar airflow return grilles

Allowing more airflow and less static build-up resulting in better-performing units that are that much more quiet.

20 ga exterior acoustic side panels

1" Non-toxic acoustic insulation

Raised flange supply duct connection

Allowing for an easier on-site ducted discharge unit – resulting in easy installation and reduced contractor time

Electrical connection

with built-in conduit chase and 60A unit disconnect

DX/HP indoor coil

Includes a stainless steel drain pan

20" French doors

Zero furniture disturbance to change filters

Dual fan body design

Supply fans mounted in a dual fan assembly which is double isolated from the unit’s structure and built on slide-out rails for ease of maintenance.

16 ga solid frame construction

Air-side Economizer

Air-side economizer: outside air, damper can allow up to 100% of supply-rated CFM

2" MERV 8/13 easy access filters

ECM condenser/relief fan assembly

Controls options and Easy access to electrical box

DDC-ready or integrated BACnet controls for CO2 monitoring demand-controlled ventilation, damper logic and defrost control

Total Energy Recovery Wheel

Total energy recovery wheel for unmatched energy efficiency in the classroom