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Systemair NA Expanding Geniox Air Handlers with More Sizes, Flexibility, Functionality

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The Geniox line of air handlers boasts a versatile, modular platform that allows for complete customization of heat and energy recovery, cooling, filtration, mixing, and other elements to meet the needs of each individual project. Now, five years after its introduction, Geniox is getting even more practical for users as Systemair aligns its North American and European platforms and leverages the strength of its 70 engineers worldwide.

The reworking of the Geniox platform will retain all of the benefits customers already enjoy about Geniox, including its high levels of customization and plug-and-play installation to deliver an efficient, optimized HVAC solution.

Beneficial changes you’ll see include:

More sizes

The new Geniox lineup will expand to 16 sizes ranging from 440 CFM to 65,000 CFM

Hygienic By Design

Our #HygienicByDesign approach provides hygienic operating conditions, peace of mind and unmatched flexibility when it comes to meeting specific hygienic demands in projects.  Our Geniox units are constructed using smooth surfaces, are easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.

More flexibility for retrofit applications

Designers will be able to break down Geniox units into smaller sections horizontally as well as vertically. This brings tremendous flexibility for retrofit applications where space constraints are a bigger issue and also means units can fit through existing doorways.

Better costing

With more versatility for grouping Geniox units, we’ll see greater negotiation opportunities with the components that go into Geniox units and also will be able to work with a broader range of suppliers to increase your choices.

More functionality

Similarly, the expanded Geniox lineup will allow for incorporation of more functions into the modular platform, such as UV lights, humidification, and more energy recovery options, including counter flow plate heat exchangers with efficiencies near 70%.

Greater design capability

Through an intuitive user interface and unique calculation tools, SystemairCAD simplifies your selection process and helps you design the perfect Geniox AHU for your project.

Geniox Size 30 White

All other Geniox features remain the same, including thermally insulated double-wall construction and ABS-designed corners to minimize heat loss and eliminate thermal bridging; various roof options, including a factory-installed roof with double-sloped A-frame design, rain shield protection, and snow load support; vertical supply or return access points, service windows for easy inspection, and lockable handles.

To learn more about incorporating new features and benefits into your projects, reach out to your representative or email

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