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Systemair and Fantech Bring Specification Efficiencies for Healthy Mixed-Used Residential Buildings

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Combining ground-floor retail and office space with high-density housing above, mixed-use buildings are an essential element for thriving communities. Because they blend commercial and residential, these structures require a diversity of HVAC solutions suitable for both.

Systemair and Fantech, a subsidiary of Systemair, are harmonious brands with complementary products, so they offer engineers and installers the opportunity to work with one source and point of contact to specify nearly all of the ventilation needs throughout mixed-use buildings, from the underground parking garage to the ground-floor yoga studio to the guest bathroom in the penthouse condo.

Systemair and Fantech are the de facto ventilation experts in commercial and residential, respectively, with mutual reputations for well-built products that are efficient, high-performance, and easy to install.

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How Systemair and Fantech Work Together in Mixed-Used Buildings

Systemair’s and Fantech’s breadth of ventilation products combine to meet the extremely varied needs of mixed-use projects.

Parking Garages

How do you ensure the air in underground garage environments is safe to breathe when fresh air isn’t readily available? Systemair’s car park ventilation systems quickly and efficiently remove pollutants and harmful gases while offering reliable performance. Options include:

Retail/Commercial Space

With individual suites for a variety of uses, ground-floor tenants require efficient, high-quality fresh air systems and air handlers. Options include

Residential Units

Fantech’s lineup of bath fans and fresh air appliances help ensure healthy indoor air quality while meeting the latest codes and standards. Options include:

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If you’re starting a mixed-use residential project, connect with Systemair and Fantech to help plan ventilation needs throughout the structure. A collaborative approach from two well-respected brands can create efficiencies throughout the specification and installation process, while ensuring your customers have reliable, high-performance products they can depend on for years to come.

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