Systemair Service

Wij hebben jarenlange ervaring in verduurzaming, renovatie en service. Lees enkele van onze verduurzamingsprojecten over de jaren heen en leer meer over wat wij voor u kunnen doen.

Renovation of 4 units from 1997

Indoor Swimming Pool, Germany

Time for an update

The indoor swimming pool of our customer is a place of joy and relaxation. However, over the years the requirements to our products changed and the facility’s air quality and ventilation system had become outdated.

Breathe new life into the air handling units

The task of our specialists was to “Breathe new life into their air units” to save energy costs and to satisfy the swimming pool visitors with a pleasant air quality.

The project got delivered on time without any business downtime and fulfilling all requirements.

Fast turnaround

We fulfilled the refurbishment in short term during closure times. Through the conversion of the control system to the latest standard and replacement of the old fans to new EC fans our experts were able to comply to the customer’s needs.

Renovation of 12 AHU units from 1990

Government office, Netherlands

In the heart of the Netherlands a government office faced a growing challenge – rising energy costs and environmental concerns. Determined to make a change, they asked for our renovation offer.

40 %
Reduced energy consumption

Our expert team were able to optimize 12 AHU units from 1990 while first inspecting the facility and later replacement of parts like fans and coils. We also introduced real-time air quality monitoring to ensure a healthy and safe environment, with automated alerts for any deviations from the set standards. Our client experienced a 40 % reduction in energy consumption.

Energy efficiency is not just a choice, it´s a responsibilty!