High security standards and energy efficiency

High safety standards and energy efficiency - the Car Park Ventilation System from Systemair uncompromisingly fulfills these requirements: You achieve 80% energy savings in Green Ventilation Mode * and enjoy the excellent safety of a global system partner.

Triple good

  • Low operating costs 
  • Competitive acquisition costs
  • Meets all legal requirements


The Systemair Car Park fan system replaces the duct network in a garage. Whether in addition to the  exhaust fans  and  supply fans  are used depends on your defined protection objectives and desired functions. 

In addition to the jet fans, Systemair also has  axial supply air fans  (AXC series) and temperature-  resistant exhaust air fans  as  axial or roof fans  (AXC (B), AXC (F) or DVV series) in accordance with EN 12101-3.

Of course, Systemair provides you with all other components such as  silencers ,  flaps  and other ventilation components for a modern ventilation system.

Use cases and planning

The better the planning, the more effective the system. In addition to the size of the underground car park, data on occupancy, usage and peak loads are also included in the planning. As a rule, ventilation is dimensioned based on the air exchange rate (depending on air pollution) or a volume flow rate. This value is then multiplied by the number of parking spaces.

By using a Car Park fan system, you avoid "dead" areas in the garage. Systemair jet fans take care of daily ventilation as well as smoke extraction in the event of fire in underground garages and closed parking garages.

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