High flexibility. Wide application. Intelligent controls. Geniox Air Handling Units

Geniox is a fully customizable, high-quality, modular air handling unit offering the ultimate flexibility to suit every project.

  • Geniox units can handle airflows from 440 to 65,000 CFM

  • Easy to configure, control and operate

  • Minimum energy use and durable design

Freedom of choice

Geniox units can handle airflows from 440 to 65,000 CFM. Their modular design is based on standardized sections that fit seamlessly together – making numerous configurations possible.

Easy configuration

Using the free SystemairCAD design tool, you can optimize your Geniox air handling units to your project requirements and the lowest possible energy consumption – or we can configure it for you.

Minimal energy loss and durable design

The 60 mm thick insulation minimizes heat loss and thermal bridges, allowing energy savings, high operating efficiency and sound reduction.

The handles, hinges, and inspection windows are designed exclusively for and by Systemair, ensuring a long lifetime.

Easy to control and operate

A complete control system for air handling units, making advanced technology easily accessible. It allows operators to optimize ventilation performance and create the perfect indoor climate.

Using your air handling unit more effectively will help you reduce energy consumption and save money.

The Geniox range of modular air handling units is your ideal partner to ensure energy-efficient ventilation in commercial and industrial applications.

Easily find your optimal solution

Geniox is made with multiple functions and options to meet the needs of every project.

You can trust that each product is optimized to your needs by choosing the best functions according to your project requirements.

Heat Exchangers

  • 3A Enthalpy Wheel

  • Sensible Wheel

  • Sensible Core (Cross Flow)

  • Sensible Core (Counter Flow)

  • Run-around coil heat exchangers


  • Water heating

  • Electrical heating

  • Water and DX cooling

Control system

  • Integrated control system

  • Controller ready to match your own requirements


  • Indoor

  • Outdoor

Geniox delivers the energy savings and hygienic performance excellence that you expect of Systemair.

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