Access Control System for Geniox

Systemair Access is a complete control solution for our Geniox air handling units that gives you detailed overview and control.

Systemair Access - complete control solution for air handling units

The innovative approach of the Access system makes the cutting-edge technology of Systemair Geniox air handling units (AHUs) easily accessible. Access simplifies connection, configuration and control of the units, and enables you to explore and utilize their full functionality. By operating your AHUs efficiently, you can maintain an optimum indoor climate while gaining control over your energy consumption and operating costs.

Choose your preferred device

You can control your units using either the NaviPad control panel (optional) or via the Systemair Access Connect app on your smartphone or tablet.

User-friendly interface (UI)

Monitor and control your AHU:s by navigating the intuitive, logical menu structure via icons on the display. The colour theme adds visibility and contrast.

Modbus and BACnet communication

Provides simplified connection setup to BMS/SCADA using Modbus and BACnet communication.

Wireless communication

Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth (BLE) communication enables a robust and user-friendly solution.

Access features

A feature-rich application with intuitive menus helps you create the perfect indoor climate.

Live data and dynamic flow charts

Relevant operating data and flow charts are easily available in real time and can be changed with a few taps.


Intuitive graphical user interface with flexible scheduling.

Energy insight

With the energy insight function, it’s easier than ever to monitor energy usage for fans (SFP value), water heaters as well as recovered energy for heat exchangers.

Configuration wizard

An easy-to-use configuration wizard enables quick and simplified configuration of common AHU accessories and functions.

Systemair Access with wireless communication

Take control of your air handling unit(s) using the Systemair Access Connect app on your smartphone or tablet.

Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) secures easy pairing and authentication of the device and AHU while WiFi with its higher data transfer capability takes care of the data communication. Combining WiFi and BLE provides high security with an excellent user experience.

Download the Access Connect App

  • Offers the same user experience with the same intuitive Access menu structure as the NaviPad.

  • Designed for IOS and Android, the app automatically activates via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and WiFi on any iOS or Android device.

  • Integrated Bluetooth technology enables easy identification and pairing of the device and the control unit in the AHU.

Systemair Connect - Easy to use cloud-service

Gather all your air handling units in an easy-to-use cloud service for complete overview and accessibility.

  • Follow your air handling units in real time

  • Change common set-points with a few ‘clicks’

  • Receive alarm notifications via e-mail

  • Compare and analyze historical data

  • Use the service from a PC, tablet or smartphone

Contact your local Systemair customer support who will set up a user account and help you get started.

Software and Tools for Systemair Access

Use the latest software

Benefit from the new and enhanced functionality as well performance improvements by using the latest software version.

You can easily find out which version of the Access software is installed in the air handling unit by clicking the "i" button on the home page within the Access control. The EXOReal version (operating system) is presented under Configuration/System settings/Software in the controller.

Access Application Tool

The PC based Access Application Tool offers easy upgrade to the latest Access software and backup and restore of configuration files.

A commissioning record is automatically generated with one “click” and the trend log function provides detailed historical data.

Find useful documentation for your specific AHU

For other Access-related information used in a specific air handling unit, please refer to the air handling unit product page and documentation. Products / Air Handling Units / Geniox.

Geniox offers ideal energy saving and low operational cost, with a long lifetime and the least impact on the environment.