IV Jet Fans

Compact, smart solutions for smoke extraction

  • Up to 400°C/120 min (F400)

  • Continuous medium temperature up to 55°C

  • Flexible


The IV Series are for daily ventilation requirements and smoke extraction in case of fire. The compact housing design, ideal for low ceiling heights. Depends to the model there is the possibility to adjustable the discharge direction from the integrated deflector.


The casing is made out of galvanized steel, for best corrosion protection.

The combination of casing and motor construction ensure minimize the need for maintenance of the fans and allows long continuous operation.


The casing is made of of galvanized steel, for best corrosion protection.

Compact casing for thin ceiling height with variable outlet, depends to the model.


The IV fans use aerodynamic radial impeller for maximum thrust and low noise emissions. These are made out of galvanized steel or aluminium, dynamically balanced and paired with corresponding IEC motors with efficiency IE3 or EC motors.


Depending on the type, IV fans are designed with high temperature motors for temperature classification (insulation class B or H) up to F400 (400°C/120 min), AC or EC Motors. The Motors are suitable for 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

Motor protection

Depending on the type, AC motors have an integrated thermal protection with manual (electrical) reset, prewired integral thermocontact TK or thermistor PTC with leads to a motor protection device.

Fans with EC motors have an integrated electronic thermal protection including locked-rotor protection and soft-start.


EC motors with built-in potentiometer to adjust working point can be also controlled by external signal 0-10V.

EC motors, depending on the type are also equipped with ModBus communication or alarm signal.   

AC motors can be controlled by 5-step, stepless speed regulator, D/Y switch or frequency converter.


The IV fans are for horizontal installation.