2,7-7,3 kW • R32 Indoor unit for all rooms designed for wall installation especially for small offices and residential premises

  • AC (sizes 9-12) /DC (sizes 18-24) fan motor

  • Stylish appearance with hidden display

  • Wifi module connection

  • Equipped with Infrared remote controller

SYSPLIT WALL PRIME is the most affordable and reliable solution for small offices and residential premises and features an elegant design with a hidden display.

The Self-diagnosis function monitors the operation of the air conditioner and protects the system.

With Turbo function the unit will run with the ultra-high speed for 20 minutes, reaching more quickly the set-point temperature.

The special antifreeze function in heating mode allows to keep a constant temperature of 8°C during absence periods of the user.
The cold catalyst filter decomposes volatile compounds and it has anti-bacteria effect.

The unit is equipped with an Auto-restart function that, in the event of an electric power failure, allows it to restart with the same settings it had before the power loss.