SYSAER R32 Rooftop Units

105-140 kW • R32 • Sustainable Rooftop units

  • R32 low GWP refrigerant

  • Reduced sound levels

  • Two performant energy recovery systems

  • Wide operating limits

  • Low energy EC fans (for return/supply air)

  • A wide range of configuration options

  • Remotely controllable with AC CLOUD

  • Precise and complete selection on AC SELECT

Highly customisable

The SYSAER R32 rooftop units comes with a number of customisation options and accessories, ensuring there is a SYSAER R32 that will meet every project requirement.

Wide operating limits

Coming with extended operating limits means your SYSAER R32 units will work perfectly well no matter how harsh the weather or climate. For excellent performance all year round, these units operate under temperatures comprises between -15°C to +50°C.

Cloud Connection

SYSAER R32 units are enabled for Cloud operation. With AC CLOUD software, take full control of your units from anywhere, at any time.

Two performant energy recovery systems

  • RECO → Standard energy RECOvery (3 Dampers) : Energy recovery on the exhaust air

  • FRECO → Food refrigeration energy RECOvery : In supermarkets, FRECO technology allows our rooftop units to recover the heat generated out from the condensers of the cooling systems.

SYSAER R32 rooftop units are ideal for the heating and cooling of large buildings such as shopping centers, industries or airports that need high capacities. This complete monobloc solution is also space saving, easy to install, directly on the roof.

The range is available in 3 sizes with lots of customisation options and accessories, ensuring there is a model available for every installation.

These reversible units operate with the R32 refrigerant. With a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 675, it is 3 times less polluting than the standard R410A: a direct reduction of CO2 emissions. To go even further, SYSAER R32 is equipped with new finned coil heat exchangers allowing a refrigerant charge reduction of 40%.

Each SYSAER R32 unit is equipped with EC plug fans (for return/supply air), two independent circuits completely closed in a separate compartment, two Scroll compressors (covered with sound jackets) and large removable panels allowing a great accessibility to internal components for service operations.

The range also offer different types of filtration (G4, G4+F7, G4+F9), several configuration options (No damper, 2 dampers, 3 dampers) and many accessories.

The cabinet and structure are of heavy duty galvanized steel components, individually painted (RAL 7040) before the assembly for a homogeneous protection against corrosion. Double skin panels ensure a perfect thermal insulation (25mm glasswool – 63Kg/m3).

The control system is wired, tested and shipped READY TO USE. An external control panel displays the operating parameters and alarms.