SYSHP MINI SPLIT Air Cooled Heat Pumps

6-16 kW • R32 • Mini Split air-cooled heat pumps suitable for domestic installations

  • R32 low GWP refrigerant

  • Heating, cooling and DHW production

  • High efficiency and low noise Inverter compressor

  • Possible integration with solar panel and gas boiler

  • Remotely controllable

  • Precise and complete selection on AC SELECT

Sustainable refrigerant

The range operates with R32. Thanks to a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 675, this refrigerant is 3 times less polluting than the standard R410A.

Inverter technology

Outdoor units are equipped with a DC Twin-rotary inverter compressor. This allowing significant reduction of energy consumption and sound levels.

High performance

The SYSHP MINI SPLIT units provide high leaving water temperature up to 65°C and operate down to -25 °C OAT in heating mode and Domestic Hot Water production.

Electronic expansion device

Excellent control of superheating for the best performance at full and partial load and for a safe operation.

Available in 6 sizes, the SYSHP MINI SPLIT range is one-stop sustainable and energy efficient solution for space Heating, space Cooling and Domestic Hot Water.

You have the choice!

The range offers 2 indoor unit models (with or without DHW tank) and 3 system configurations; heat pump only, heat pump and backup electric heater and heat pump in conjunction with an auxiliary heat source.

With SYSHP MINI SPLIT, you have a world of possibilities; single or dual zone systems with DHW tank, fan coil units, water radiators, underfloor heating. And even more with solar panels and gas boilers integration.

Each system is equipped with an advanced and user-friendly controller. It integrates multiple operating modes, a complete scheduling program, many climatic curves and high connectivity (Control via Modbus, Remote controm with a dedicated App, Smart Grid function).