Riyadh Park Mall Illustration

Offering high-quality ventilation to guarantee the comfort and safety of mall visitors

Systemair supplied more than 100 fans to one of the premier shopping malls in Saudi Arabia to guarantee the safety and comfort of visitors and mall staff.

Riyadh Park, Saudi Arabia

Strong references for jet fan applications

Systemair was chosen for the project due to the company's strong expertise and global references in jet fan applications.

Efficient power consumption

The solutions promised efficient power consumption following the customer’s intended design.

Quick and easy delivery

Systemair provided quick delivery to meet the stakeholders' project deadlines.

Meeting comfort and safety requirements

Riyadh Park was a project spearheaded by Asala Holding Company, a Saudi privately held limited liability company with a capital of SR 300 million.

Asala is a leading real estate company specialising in the ownership, development and management of shopping centres and commercial properties.

To meet Asala’s high customer standards, the team had to ensure that the ventilation secures the health and comfort of visitors and staff and complies with the highest safety requirements.

Localising global expertise

In line with the project's requirements, Systemair supplied the following:

  • AXC 1000 - Smoke extract Axial fans

  • AJR 400 - Axial jet fans

Systemair was considered the most suitable for the customers' car parking ventilation requirements. The products overcame initial problems in the control design of the starting jet fans system. The customer also favoured Systemair over competitors in the market, with comprehensive references with jet fans, because of the company's expertise with parking ventilation based on numerous reference projects worldwide. The solutions also promised efficient power consumption and proven quick and reliable delivery time.