Topvex Provides Compact, Low-Maintenance Solution for Calgary-Area Rehab Center

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The Alberta Men’s Centre in Priddis, Alberta, is a location of Teen Challenge, a 12-month residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. The recently built bunkhouse features an open-concept layout, limiting the HVAC system to a small mechanical room in the center and therefore requiring a thoughtful approach to providing not only heating, but also ventilation critical to the communal sleeping area.

Daniels Wingerak Engineering Ltd. moved forward with Systemair’s Topvex TR800 and TR1300 energy recovery ventilators. The Topvex TR’s compact size was ideal for the small space of the mechanical room, along with its mounting feet, and front swing-out and lockable access doors also aided the small space.

Though the Topvex units were more expensive than another option from a competing manufacturer, the higher-grade, longer-lasting features of the Topvex units were well suited to the non-profit. These included the airflow monitoring stations (a guaranteed ventilation rate), MERV 13 filters, wheel rotation sensors, fan status sensors, and filter change sensors. Especially important were elements that increase durability and reduce maintenance, such as a higher-grade fan, 1-1/2” double-wall construction, frost prevention protection, and high-grade energy recovery wheels. Topvex uses a cross-flow core wheel, a detail usually seen in residential commercial ERVs for its higher efficiency and short return on investment (ROI).

Once Systemair’s sales agencies presented the owners with the difference in product designs, they quickly and adamantly stayed with the Topvex unit. They appreciated the emphasis placed on ventilation equipment that had many features with high quality to high benefit ratio. The building design had a long-term focus while balancing a high rate of return.

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