Strategies for Managing Supply Chain Challenges

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The supply challenges that have interrupted the construction industry over the past two years continue unabated. Material suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors are working hard to keep up, but there are steps contractors and engineers can take to cushion their projects against shortages, as well.

Plan Ahead

Careful planning of your HVAC system is already paramount to successful project management, but is more crucial than ever to ensure products are ordered correctly the first time. Revisit your normal planning process and add several months to your typical timeline. Check and double check your specifications to avoid change orders and returns that can cause longer than usual delays.

Work with your rep to confirm sizes and quantities, and leverage Systemair’s online product selection tool. The tool guides you through a range of product types, including fans and air handlers, to provide specs, performance metrics, and sizing calculators. From there, our applications team can vet and review your calculations and ensure design concepts translate to real-world products and applications.

For school renovations, make sure all key players are involved and signed off; this includes the school boards.

Remain Nimble

Be prepared to be flexible with delivery timing. If possible, order ahead and make arrangements to store your HVAC units on or off site. This can not only help alleviate supply stress, but also can lock in lower prices during a volatile time. This strategy is particularly helpful for school projects, where tight budgets won’t tolerate increases above bids. Schools also often have the benefit of multiple projects using the same systems across the same district, allowing for more bulk ordering ahead of time. 

Also, be open to receiving systems in a series of deliveries rather than all at once. Maintain good relationships with your HVAC installers so that schedules can be rearranged if shipments get delayed.

Choose Smart Systems

One of the benefits of Systemair’s Geniox and Geniox+ air handling systems is versatility and ease of installation, with a modular platform that allows for configurable options for heat and energy recovery, cooling, filtration, mixing, and other elements to meet the needs of each individual project. With most components integrated at the factory and plug-and-play installation on the jobsite, it provides flexibility and speed for your installers, accommodating potential delays elsewhere on the project.

Learn more about how Systemair can keep your projects on schedule—talk to our sales team today.

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