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The Benefits of Geniox Air Handlers for Healthcare, Schools, and Offices

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Geniox air handler are extremely versatile, featuring a modular platform that allows for configurable options for heat and energy recovery, cooling, filtration, mixing, and other elements to meet the needs of each individual project. This versatility and approach also make it easier for contractors and engineers to incorporate VRF components: Instead of installing the VRF system in the field, Systemair integrates third-party units and controllers into the Geniox+ system, ensuring simple, plug-and-play installation on the jobsite.

These attributes make Geniox and Geniox+ (for VRF systems) ideally suited to a range of project types. Here’s a look at how the Geniox Series best fits into healthcare, school, and office projects.

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Geniox for Healthcare Projects

In hospitals, the Geniox Series is suitable for a large percentage of the building—offices, exam rooms, waiting rooms, lobbies, and other areas—just not for operating rooms, labs, and other clean rooms requiring special certifications. It’s also ideally suited to urgent care clinics and dental practices.

The Geniox Series lends itself particularly well to hospital settings, where the needs of different areas can vary greatly (some, for example, may not require energy recovery) and massive centralized units just don’t make as much sense. Having decentralized options also allows hospitals to apply demand-ventilation strategies, ramping up ventilation as waiting rooms get more crowded or powering down certain areas of the building when demand is lower. The HVAC engineer can examine plans for each area of the building or each building on a campus and determine the specific needs based on occupancy and function. Because Geniox is highly configurable, it adapts easily to different needs while providing plug-and-play installation, helping to simplify often-complex setups.

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Geniox for Schools

Studies show that healthier classroom air helps to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity and test scores, so ensuring proper ventilation in schools is a must. Geniox tackles this head on with easy integration of energy recovery ventilation with the heating and air conditioning systems as well as capabilities for MERV-14 filters.

Many schools are moving toward a decentralized approach (see our previous article here), in which each classroom has an individual air handler to help lower lifetime costs, provide better space control, decrease maintenance concerns, and increase energy savings. For larger common areas of the building where ventilation is critical, such as the hallways, auditoriums, cafeteria, and gymnasiums, using Geniox can help meet ASHRAE 62 by providing heating and cooling paired with energy recovery. With Geniox, you can target multiple areas of the building with a single air handler.

In addition, Geniox+ allows you to connect a VRF condenser to the air handler and then to the individual Changeair classroom units.

Geniox allows for easy maintenance access, another important detail for schools where budgets are always under scrutiny, and the units’ quick deliveries and installation can help with short summertime construction windows. Geniox comes with controllers factory installed, so you can combine the units with the building’s existing management system.

Geniox for Office Buildings

With more employees returning to work, there’s no better time to be re-evaluating how we ventilate our office space. Like in schools, studies have shown that better indoor air quality increases worker productivity and reduces sick days. A new air handling unit that contributes to increased ventilation and air exchanges can have a great impact on back-to-the-office initiatives and helping team members feel safer and more comfortable.

The old-school approach was simply to recirculate office air. But engineers and designers today recognize that we need to increase ventilation rates to exchange stale, polluted air with fresh outdoor air. For existing buildings, Geniox can help increase those air exchange rates simply by adding another unit—one that is high quality and quick to install.

Geniox’s versatility allows designers to customize ventilation needs by level and even by section of each floor. For example, the needs of a company’s call center on the sixth floor, with a hundred employees talking all day in cubicles, are different than the server room on the eighth floor and the executive suite of 10 offices on the tenth floor. Individual Geniox air handlers on each level or on the roof allow for easy customization.

That customization also allows building owners to be nimble. For a 20-story building with multiple tenants, the building owner can install internal ductwork, but hold off on adding the air handler and air conditioning until he secures a tenant. Then Systemair can supply a Geniox or Geniox+ unit with air conditioning components tailored specifically to those renters’ needs. What’s more, the ability of Geniox+ to work with VRF systems allows building owners to use fewer condensers and improve efficiency.

Geniox air handlers offer a range of exceptional features, including thermally insulated double-wall construction and ABS-designed corners to minimize heat loss and eliminate thermal bridging. Other details include an aluminum checker-plate floor, a factory-supplied roof curb and base frame that help prevent water ingress into the building, vertical supply or return access points, service windows for easy inspection, and lockable handles.

Learn more about the Geniox Series.

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