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Global pioneers of ventilation, cooling, and heating solutions

We don’t create products for the sake of creating products.


Every solution or component that comes out of our labs is designed to be sustainable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly – while also being easy to install and maintain.

Read more about how we weave these twin principles of innovation and sustainability into our product development processes.

Innovation is not just what we do – it’s who we are

With more than 250 engineers spread out across 23 Development Groups in 18 countries, innovation isn’t something we do because we should. It is everything that we stand for.

Guided by legal requirements, customer requests, employee ideas, and the latest academic research, our global teams all pursue a single goal: delivering better air quality with the lowest possible energy demands, and the lowest impact on the environment.

Technical Center, Flow Chamber

Ongoing Research and Development

Our ongoing investments in Research and Development allow us to deliver the most energy-efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly HVAC solutions possible.

In addition, we continuously work on standardising our procedures to make it easier to share research results and recently generated knowledge – whether originating in New Delhi in India, Kansas City in the USA, or Skinnskatteberg in Sweden.

Our ongoing collaborations with higher education institutions also enable us to stay in front of new trends and quickly integrate new methods and technologies into our operations.

Systemair Turkey Production

International Technical Centres

Inside our 10 Technical Centres operating across Sweden, Germany, India, Slovakia, Italy, France, Canada, and the US, all our products and components are tested and analysed in line with the ventilation industry’s highest standards.

Our technology centres are also responsible for monitoring technological developments within their specific area of technology. For example, the development centre in Skinnskatteberg is considered to be one of Europe’s most modern facilities for gauging airflow, sound levels, pressure, and energy consumption.

Our eyes are towards the future. And our hands create it.

As the world looks for new ways to address climate change issues, the area of environmental classification systems become stricter – especially when it comes to the ventilation industry.

From BREEAM and LEED© to Miljöbyggnad (Environmental Building), these evolving systems define exactly how much energy every building is allowed to consume. This leads to higher density buildings, which in turn, increases the need for more effective ventilation, without increasing energy consumption.

Innovation isn’t something we do because we should. It is everything that we stand for.