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Hospitality and Entertainment

HVAC solutions designed to regulate temperature and climate for employees and guests

Serve your guests an experience they’ll remember

For your guests, their experience is everything – after all, that’s why they’re coming to you. And providing your guests with plenty of fresh air and a perfect, temperature-regulated indoor or outdoor climate enhances their experiences even more.

Systemair offers a range of high-performing, quiet, and aesthetically pleasing HVAC solutions to ensure your guests have a wonderful time, no matter how little or how much time they visit with you.

Perfect for sensitive environments

Optimum temperature control

High humidity and ventilation control

Highly adaptable designs

Long-lasting units and solutions

Easy to install, clean, and maintain

We can adjust to the unique requirements of all types of projects in the field of hospitality and entertainment without compromising on energy efficiency and we provide our support and expertise to ensure swift completion of the project.

Pablo Varela
Global Product Director | Systemair Group

All our HVAC solutions come certified by the highest product certifications in the global market.

Why choose Systemair?

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Reduced operational and maintenance costs

When your HVAC systems are performing at their best, they need less power – saving precious energy and reducing short and long-term operational costs.

And when those same HVAC systems are designed with simplicity and ease of maintenance in mind, not only are they easy to keep clean, but can be serviced or upgraded quickly. With minimal downtime and disruption for your guests.

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Ensuring health and safety for guests and employees

Delivering your guests a wonderful experience is important. But ensuring their health and safety – and the health and safety of employees – is crucial.

Systemair provides strong and powerful exhaust systems to keep the air clean and well-ventilated in high-pollution areas such as kitchens, as well as fire dampers and stairway differential solutions to make sure all your buildings meet safety protocols.

Pressure Differential Systems

Fire Dampers

Smoke Dampers

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Bringing fresh air where it’s needed most

Enclosed areas such as underground parking, basements, and storage don’t need costly and ineffective ducted systems to be well ventilated.

From optimising traditional sweep ventilation systems to room or location-specific air handling units, Systemair delivers a variety of options to make sure even these areas are filled with fresh, clean air.

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Always by your side

Even when your involvement with a project ends, our customer and after-sales support continue for your clients.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are here to help your clients manage, troubleshoot, and maintain their systems. For optimum performance and high IAQ every single day.

MUB, Highly efficient, highly flexible, low noise box fans. Endless ways to customise.
Highly efficient, highly flexible, low noise box fans. Endless ways to customise.