IV 50 EC, Jet Fans

IV 50 ECJet Fans

High Induction Centrifugal Jet Fan

The low profile IV-50 EC utilizes the combined performance factors including airflow, induction, thrust and throw to more effectively reduce CO levels and achieve a Dilution Ventilation Strategy in the most energy efficient manner.

AMCA Certified

Industry’s first Jet Fan certified and tested in accordance with the ANSI/AMCA 250 Laboratory Methods of Testing Jet Tunnel Fans for Performance and the ANSI/AMCA 300 Reverberant Room Methods for Sound Testing of Fans.

High Performance

Produces 51N Thrust, Induction Factor of 22.9 and Throw distance of 154’ (47m) to Terminal Velocity 196 fpm (1m/s).

EC Driven

EC motor enables Demand Control Ventilation and reduces energy consumption nearly 30%. Allows for soft start and eliminates need for a motor starter & VFD.

Low Profile

Height of less than 10.25” and footprint of 32.8” x 50.5” makes it the industry’s most powerful compact Centrifugal High Induction Jet Fan.

Easy Installation

Includes large, easy access electrical box with quick-connect lever terminals.

Control Options

Speed control options include PWM, 0-10V, 4-20mA, or simple on/off to any set speed, and speed feedback reference.