Systemair Provides Jet Fans for Boston Car Park

Systemair helped the owners of this mixed-use facility achieve their green building aspirations

Trio Newton Mixed-use Facility

In September 2019, Systemair secured an order for (16) IV-50 Centrifugal Induction Fans to accommodate the ventilation needs of the Washington Place development (renamed to Trio Newton in 2020) in Newton, MA.

Green Site Design

The project's team minimized the potential negative effects of landscaping on the environment by incorporating drought tolerant plantings and ensured invasive species of plants were not sowed

Green Building Features

Designed with sustainability in mind, the mixed-use project uses high-performance plumbing fixtures, high-efficiency lighting fixtures, local and recycled building materials, and energy efficient appliances throughout the building

Built Responsibly

Construction personnel ensured minimal amounts of waste were produced on-site and strictly handled run-off from the construction site to avoid erosion in surrounding areas

Car park

Mark Development


Prellwitz Chillinski Associates (PCA)

Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Development

Trio Newton is a five-story mixed-use facility that features 238,075 SF with 140 residential units, ground-floor retail space, public outdoor space and includes a one-level underground garage with 236 vehicle parking spaces and over 180 bicycle storage spaces. The Washington Place site is located just steps away from the Newtonville commuter rail station with service to Downtown Boston.

Developed by Mark Development and designed by architectural firm Prellwitz Chillinski Associates (PCA), the development team hopes to achieve LEED Gold Certification with expectations of at least obtaining silver level certification under the LEED H rating system (LEED for Homes).

The constructing team ensured landscaping consisted of local and non-invasive plant-life. While the building itself, built by a team of experts specializing in high-performance buildings, was constructed with sustainable design characteristics.

A Sustainable Design

The five-story mixed-use project uses high-efficiency products and building processes to reduce energy cost and usage. Attributes of the Trio Newton apartments include the following:

  • Tight building construction

  • High-efficiency HVAC systems

  • Filtered fresh air for each apartment

  • Energy-efficient appliances

  • Local and recycled building materials

  • No-VOC paint

Garage Ventilation with Systemair

The underground garage utilizes 16 Systemair IV-50 Centrifugal Induction Fans to ventilate the space. When the CO2 sensors detect high-levels of CO2, the IV-50 Induction fans activate. They push-and-pull contaminated air towards the exit, "throwing" and "catching" jet streams from one induction fan to the next.

Aptly named, "induction fan", these fans induce airflow from the high impulse of air that the fans discharge. This impulse of air generates large volumes of airflow throughout the garage.

These jet fans eliminated the need for a ducted exhaust system, and saved the owners of the apartment complex thousands in installation costs.

Systemair is proud to have partnered with Mark Development and to have been involved with this incredibly sustainable building.

IV EC, High Induction Compact Centrifugal Jet Fan
High Induction Compact Centrifugal Jet Fan