AJR Jet Fans

Axial Impulse Jet Fan

Our AJR Series of Axial Impulse Jet Fans are designed to optimize Sweep Ventilation Systems and reduce costly exhaust ducting in enclosed and underground parking garages. Using the combined performance factors of Airflow, Thrust, Throw, and Induction, the AJR fully implements an Extraction Ventilation Strategy to more effectively reduce CO levels compared to traditional garage ventilation designs.

The innovative new AJR-Q addresses the most common challenge of Axial Jet Fans by reducing objectionable fan and airflow noise while improving performance.


For daily ventilation requirements and optimized construction for Quiet (Q) operation, rated at 74dBA @ 10ft (355) and 75dBA @ 10ft (400) at maximum thrust.
The fans are ideal for uses in enclosed and underground car parks and industrial applications.

Sturdy and dependable design

Corrosion-proof aluminum impellers or composite impellers, high-efficiency motors and a hot-dip galvanized steel casing ensure high quality and a long life time.

Tested according to AMCA 250

Industry’s first Axial Impulse Jet Fan certified and tested in accordance with the ANSI/AMCA 250 Laboratory Methods of Testing Jet Tunnel Fans for Performance and the ANSI/AMCA 300 Reverberant Room Methods for Sound Testing of Fans.