Systemair’s Geniox+ Air Handlers Offer Easier Path to Integrating VRF With Fresh Air Systems

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Popular in Asia for three decades, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology has been gaining ground in the U.S. for about the last five years, driven in part by the growing need for more energy-efficient solutions. However, VRF systems most often do not provide fresh and filtered air, so using them in combination with an ERV system is essential to protecting indoor air quality and meeting code requirements. Traditionally, VRF systems are shipped in parts and pieces, separate from the air handler, and the contractor will have to determine where to mount the system and how to integrate it with controls and lines.

Systemair’s groundbreaking new Geniox+ provides a turnkey solution that removes those decisions by marrying the VRF system and the manufacturer coil together, integrated into a single Geniox air handler. By easily integrating the two energy-saving systems together, Geniox+ provides the easiest way to supply fresh air to any VRF system.

Geniox air handlers are extremely versatile, featuring a modular platform that allows for complete customization of heat and energy recovery, cooling, filtration, mixing, and other elements to meet the needs of each individual project. This versatility and approach also make it easier for contractors and engineers to incorporate VRF components: Instead of installing the VRF system in the field, Systemair integrates third-party units and controllers into the Geniox+, ensuring simple, plug-and-play installation in the field.

Furthering the system’s versatility, Systemair’s engineers have designed VRF modules for the four major VRF manufacturers—Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG, and Daikin—allowing their systems to be integrated into Geniox+ units at the factory level.  

Geniox+ simplifies the project management process for VRF jobs, saving time and hassle during the design and engineering stage as well as the installation stage. With Geniox+, project teams and building owners reap all the efficiency benefits of VRF and the fresh air benefits of an ERV, without hassles during the installation stage and without the installation constraints and extra penetrations in the roof.

Amir Refaat
AHU Product Manager for Systemair

Among the key features of Geniox+:

Integrated VRF module

VRF systems are installed at the Systemair factory with job-specific AHU controls, simplifying AHU and VRF integration. 

Factory coordination

When the factory installs VRF components within Geniox+, the customer saves time, avoids installation headaches, and reduces back-and-forth coordination, ensuring a seamless project management process.

Custom in-house controls integration

Easy, integrated, optimized communication between Geniox+ and the VRF system, ensuring less time on site integrating AHU software and VRF software. The controls package comes delivered and working together.

High-performance casing design

Thermal break and double-walled foam-injected panel design help ensure minimal energy transfer and greater VRF energy efficiency, which translates to greater savings.

More filtration options for better IAQ

Compact bag filters, MERV9-MERV 14, and Panel Filters, MERV 8- MERV 13, ensure long, reliable operation.

High efficiency

High-efficiency air handler components coupled with the energy savings of a VRF system equal more savings and an efficient overall building system.

Modular Platform With a Host of Features

As with previous Geniox air handlers, Geniox+ systems boast a modular platform that allows for customization of heat and energy recovery, cooling, filtration, mixing, and other elements.

Geniox+ air handlers include thermally insulated double-wall construction and ABS-designed corners to minimize heat loss and eliminate thermal bridging; a factory-installed roof with a double-sloped A-frame design, rain shield protection, and snow-load support; an aluminum checker-plate floor; factory-supplied roof curb and base frame that help prevent water ingress into the building; vertical supply or return access points; service windows for easy inspection; and lockable handles.

Geniox+ air handlers come in capacities from 2,700 to 27,000 CFM in eight casing sizes. Larger units are delivered in sections that fit together for easy on-site assembly.

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