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Changeair+ Combines the Benefits of VRF and Decentralized Classroom Ventilation

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Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology continues to grow in popularity in the U.S. as project owners seek more energy-efficient solutions. But because VRF systems don’t provide fresh air on their own, it’s crucial to consider ventilation needs when specifying such systems. Systemair simplified integration of VRF and ventilation with the introduction of Geniox+, which marries the VRF system and the manufacturer coil together in a single Geniox air handler.

Changeair Freshman

Now engineers and contractors can take advantage of VRF in school projects with Changeair’s Freshman classroom ventilation units, combining the benefits of VRF with that of decentralized classroom air handling unit and ventilation.

Changeair’s Freshman units offer a versatile air handler solution for quiet, comfortable, and healthy indoor environments. The Freshman units can be combined to connect a VRF condenser from a third-party manufacturer (Daikin, Samsung, LG, and Mitsubishi). Expansion valves, controls and coils are contained within the Changeair unit, from Systemair; contractors install the unit and connect the refrigerant lines.

The resulting Changeair+ system provides all the features and benefits of a VRF heating and cooling solution integrated with a market-leading vertical unit ventilator.

The system delivers class-leading energy efficiency, with one condenser able to feed multiple Changeair units while still retaining the benefits of decentralized ventilation.

The Freshman unit also allows engineers to specify core energy recovery instead of an energy recovery wheel. The diamond-shaped core is non-motorized and also help remove moisture from the air.

Changeair with VRF combines the benefits of VRF with the advantages of the decentralized system, including increased efficiency thanks to localized operation and control, reduction of germ spread, easier servicing, and more.

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