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The Benefits of Integrating Fresh Air Systems and VRF for Engineers, Contractors, and Project Owners

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Achieving ventilation that complies with ASHRAE Standard 62.1: Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, while also maintaining humidity and filtration can be quite challenging with VRF systems. Geniox+ remedies these hurdles by offering a turnkey solution that combines the VRF system and the manufacturer coil into a single Geniox air handler—providing the easiest way to supply fresh air to any VRF system.

Geniox air handlers feature a modular platform that allows for customization of heat and energy recovery, cooling, filtration, mixing, and other elements to meet the needs of each individual project. Instead of installing the VRF system in the field, Systemair integrates third-party units and controllers into the Geniox+ system, ensuring simple, plug-and-play installation in the field.

Here’s what that means to customers along the supply chain:

Design Stage BenefitsEngineerContractorOwner
Factory Technicians optimize location of LEV kit panel for clearance.
Coils are pre-approved from factory for sizing and fit.
The option to deliver with or without controls is a bonus against many OEMs integrating various VRF brands.
Field installation access is never large enough with a fully assembled unit.
Flexible to hide the condensing unit with a parapet and reduce outdoor sound levels.
Building owner has less mechanical equipment to maintain for service repairs.
Building owner has less mechanical equipment in operation, saving energy expense.
Ability to incorporate other components, such as Energy Recovery, into one unit.
More cohesive operation with one unit serving many functions vs. multiple units to achieve the same result.
Saves precious floor area in mechanical rooms by combining many functions into one unit.
Ability to pair Geniox+ with all leading brands of VRF/V.
Installation Stage BenefitsEngineerContractorOwner
Installation of VRF kits in the field are difficult.
Avoid installation of the coil on site, saving labor and reducing number of installation techs to set into place.
Factory installed sensors removes the need for the installing contractor to field install.
Less future field issues compared to site installation i.e. coil leaks, sensor malfunction or improper readings
VRF kit is installed united mounted vs. remote location (COMM Box), saves time and effort for additional wiring.
Factory installed wiring removes the need for installing contractor to wire sensors to the VRF kit.
The VRF kit and E-TXV are challenging to field install and avoids soldering/brazing inside the unit. Only external connections are required.
Avoids a days' worth of refrigeration contractors labor per unit.
Multiple VRF kits add more time for larger systems.
Factory electrical wiring saves valuable field wiring time.
The control box is a bonus for centralized wiring station for the condensing unit connections.
As close to "packaged" AC unit but with higher efficiency of variable refrigerant system.

Learn more about Geniox+ for VRF and visit the product page.

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