Take your projects to the next level with our industry-leading BIM solutions

The Systemair Group is by your side regarding BIM, offering an unmatched portfolio of BIM tools ranging from the sector’s most extensive MagiCloud library to intuitive Autodesk Revit integrations.

Simplifiy your BIM projects with our intuitive plugins and integrations – at no additional cost.

In an increasing number of markets, BIM has become the norm when it comes to realising complex construction projects in the most efficient and coordinated manner. Since early on, Systemair and its daughter companies have focused on offering and developing thought-through, reliable BIM solutions that support you in taking your buildings to the next level. 

BIM is the future of the building industry, serving the whole building life cycle. Because of its great advantages, we fully support and promote the idea of BIM.

Matej Svrček
BIM Manager, Systemair Group

Find BIM models for Systemair products: It’s that simple

Profit from our wide range of BIM plugins and integrations

Green Ventilation is now a trustworthy environmental performance benchmark

Systemair simplifies your BIM projects through intuitive BIM plugins and integrations – at no additional cost. Always state-of-the-art, including the latest features, our user-friendly plugins can be directly accessed from your favourite tools:


Configure our wide range of Geniox modular and pre-configured air handling units and easily export BIM files for each configuration.

Systemair Configurator

Download BIM files for each configuration you perform with our Topvex range of compact air handling units.

Systemair Configurator

Use Systemair axial fans in Revit and AutoCAD and have all important (product) data directly available in your planning tool.

Systemair DESIGN

Select from tens of thousands of air distribution and fire safety products and download BIM files at the click of a button.

Systemair Configurator

BIM models you can rely upon

The web is filled with BIM models and databases of often questionable quality. At Systemair, you know what to expect. To meet the BIM definition and your needs, we ensure that you receive the BIM data you deserve and can depend upon:

  • Our models include the correct 3D geometry, proper dimensions, connections (e.g., ventilation, piping, power, and communication), up-to-date descriptions and technical data.

  • All BIM levels are fed with information from our Product Information Management (PIM) and lab management system, which ensures the highest possible data quality and accuracy.

  • BIM models are always up-to-date, accounting for the slightest product adaptations, worldwide regulatory changes, and data certified by independent third-party certifications such as Eurovent.

  • We utilise MagiCAD, the number one BIM platform for MEP (Mechanical, Engineering, Plumbing) products worldwide.

  • We participate in international standardisation committees (e.g., CEN, ISO, ASHRAE) to ensure compliance with the latest and upcoming norms.

Aside from all this, our BIM data is subject to an in-depth quality review process.

Discover helpful content that guides you through the BIM cosmos

As the BIM landscape continuously evolves, we provide useful educative content, position papers, and more in our Hello₂ magazine.

Make a difference by utilising BIM

BIM is based on the idea of digitising the built environment, shifting from 2D drawings to virtual 3D virtual models that help participants with managing shared project information.

BIM provides you with the tools to design, build and manage your building projects more efficiently. A quality BIM model with the necessary information benefits all parties involved in a number of ways:

Time and cost-saving for all participants

Better communication and collaboration between teams

Faster planning and decision-making leading to shorter project lifecycles

Optimised operation in construction sites and all aspects of building management