MUB/T Insulated duct fans

Powerful and efficient exhaust fans for medium temperatures up to 120°C

  • For kitchen and industrial environments

  • Up to 120°C medium temperature, continuous operation

  • Drip pan and drain plug included

  • Acoustic and thermal insulation 30 mm

  • Flexible airflow direction

  • Indoor and outdoor installation

  • Modular system of accessories

  • Available with AC and EC motors for 50 and 60Hz


The MUB/T fans are specially designed to extract air from kitchen environments or industrial applications, where motor must be placed outside of air stream. Drip pan with drain plug on bottom (except MUB/T 100 630D4-K2-L) are constructed for collecting a draining dust, oil, water.

By MUB/T and MUB/T-S fans an easy maintenance is provided through service door with handle.       


Depending on the type, MUB/T fans are designed for straight through or 90° airflow. The air direction can be easily changed on site. The construction of the casing and thermal insulation permits outdoor and indoor use.


High performance aluminium impeller together with high efficient motors are designed to ensure high-level performance to minimize power consumption and maximize efficiency.


Thanks to variety types of accessories as flexible connections, dampers, roof, base frame, etc. it is easy to design any ventilation system according to your demand.

By using special modular systems, where some accessories as heaters, coolers, silencers, filters or carbon filters are built-in in the same type of casing, you can even design a simple supply or exhaust air handing unit.


The casing consists of a corrosion-resistant aluminium frame with fibreglass reinforced plastic corners of PA6; highly shock-resistant. Panels made of double skin galvanized sheet steel with 30 mm acoustic and thermal rockwool insulation.

The MUB/T and MUB/T-ECO fans are designed for 90° airflow.

The MUB/T-S fans are designed for straight through airflow.

Air direction can be easily rebuilt on site by changing with service doors (MUB/T).

Revision switch is included and prewired for MUB/T and MUB/T-S. 

The MUB/T-ECO is without revision switch and service door.

Aluminium drip with drain plug is placed on bottom of casing (except MUB/T 100 630D4-K2-L).


The MUB/T fans use radial impeller with backward curved blades. These are made out of aluminum, dynamically balanced and paired with corresponding IEC motor with efficiency IE3 or EC motor.


Depending on the type, MUB/T fans are equipped with AC or EC external rotor motors. Motors are suitable for 50Hz and 60Hz.

Motor protection

Depending on the type, AC motors have an integrated thermal protection with manual (electrical) reset, prewired integral thermocontact TK or thermistor PTC with leads to a motor protection device.

Fans with EC motors have an integrated electronic thermal protection including locked-rotor protection and soft-start.


EC motors with built-in potentiometer to adjust working point can be also controlled by external signal 0-10V.

EC motors, depending on the type are also equipped with ModBus communication or alarm signal.   

AC motors can be controlled by 5-step, stepless speed regulator, D/Y switch or frequency converter.


For correct drainage the MUB/T fans must be installed in position with drip pan down. Fans can be installed in any position indoor and together with weather protection roof also outdoor. With mounted base frame the MUB/T fans can stand on floor.  For preventing vibration to the duct it is recommended to use flexible connections.