Geniox side-by-side air handling units. Low height, high performance.

Where urban aesthetics meet the perfect indoor climate

Air Handling Units

Consultants, architects, you can now continue to choose Geniox units with all their great benefits, while complying with regulations limiting the height of rooftop installations. Our Geniox Side-by-Side (SBS) range have a flatter, wider design than our double deck versions. Therefore they are much less visible from ground level when rooftop mounted.

  • Airflows from 600-20,000 m3/h, 0.17-5.56 m3/s

  • Design focused on achieving lowest height

  • For rooftop and indoor installation

  • Easy to configure with SystemairCAD – free software, easy to download.

  • Plug-and-play with Systemair Access Control System

Low height: less visible from street level

With airflows in a side-by-side configuration, Geniox SBS units are less visible from the streets when roof-mounted. The option of a “black” surface coating can further reduce their visibility.

Easy installation

Geniox SBS units are factory prepared for easy installation. Typically, outdoor units arrive in sections and are conveniently assembled on-site, complete with a roof connection. Plug-and-play with Systemair Access Control system.

High energy efficiency, low operational cost

Heat exchangers in the Geniox SBS range offer excellent energy performance with lowest possible pressure drop and high heat recovery. EC fans give high efficiency and low SFP values. Operation is “silent” with very little noise or vibration.

Comply with common height restrictions

Regulations increasingly stipulate that rooftop mechanical installations should be low in height. For example, in certain city centres, rooftop installations are limited to a maximum height of 1.5 metres.

View Of Buildings Geniox Side By Side Ahu Web

Expanded installation possibilities

Offering all the great features and benefits of Geniox double deck and inline units, Geniox SBS AHUs will provide a high-quality indoor climate in public buildings, schools, shops, hotels, offices, apartment blocks, and other buildings.

Ranging from 800 to 1,900 mm high, they can be rooftop mounted or installed indoors on a floor level where they fit the ceiling height.

Geniox side by side, low height air handling units

Choice of colours

Geniox Side-by-Side unit are available in surface coating Black (RAL 9005) and ZM310.

Heat exchangers that ensure cost-efficient operation

Available in three different types, the heat exchangers offer low-pressure drop and high heat recovery. Dry efficiency >80%.

  • Rotary

  • PHX with counterflow

  • RAC (runaround coils in all sizes)

Delivered in sections

Outdoor units are normally delivered in sections and assembled with a roof connection onsite.

Quality casing

Results of the official model box test according to EN 1886:

  • Thermal bridging TB2

  • Thermal insulation T2

  • Deflection class D1

  • Leakage class L1

  • Panels with corrosion resistance C5

Casing and handles

  • The 60 mm thick insulation minimises heat loss and thermal bridges, allowing energy savings.

  • The handles, hinges, and inspection windows are designed exclusively for and by Systemair, ensuring a long lifetime.

Energy efficient EC fans

  • Systemair plug fans are compact modules with high-performance EC motors. EC fans in the full range offer high efficiency, low noise levels, and low SFP values.

Sbs Comparison
Geniox double deck unit compared with low height Geniox side-by-side unit


Thanks to the flexibility of the expanded Geniox platform, we can offer you an optimised solution regardless of your project or industry.

Systemair Access Control System with wireless communication

Systemair Access with wireless communication, a complete control system for air handling units, making advanced technology easily accessible.

It allows operators to optimise ventilation performance, helping them to create the perfect indoor climate. By operating the air handling unit at maximum efficiency you reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

  • Choose your preferred device, smartphone, tablet or the handheld control panel, NaviPad.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-navigate menus help you achieve your chosen indoor climate.

  • Plug-and-play concept reduces installation, set-up and commissioning time.

  • Modbus communication to all internal components simplifies wiring, including inside the unit.

  • Cloud service for full monitoring and accessibility, even outside the building.

  • Wireless communication AHU(s) can be connected, configured and controlled via the Access Connect app on your smartphone or tablet.

Geniox side by side, low height air handling units

Find the right Geniox AHU for your project

Use SystemairCAD to help you configure the best Geniox air handling unit for your project.

And best of all – you can download all data and documentation before you place your order.

Geniox side-by-side air handling units: Where urban aesthetics meet the perfect indoor climate