Green Ventilation Jet Fan Systems for Car Parks

Higher safety, more efficiency

High safety standard requirements and energy efficiency – Systemair’s Green Ventilation Jet Fan System fulfills these demands without compromise: The system achieves 80% energy saving in Green Ventilation mode* and you can trust the safety promise of a global system partner.

Three times good

  • Low operating cost
  • Competitive initial investment
  • Complying with European and international standards


The Green Ventilation Jet Fan System basically replaces the duct system of a car park. Depending on the ventilation concept of the individual car park and the defined safety standards, supply fans in addition to the exhaust fans may be installed.

Systemair offers axial supply fans (AXC series) as well as high temperature exhaust fans, axial or centrifugal models, for in duct or roof installation (AXC (B), AXC (F) or DVV series), certified in accordance with EN 12101-3.

Systemair is able to offer you all further components, e.g. silencers, dampers and other ventilation elements for a modern ventilation system.

Application examples and planning

The better the planning, the more efficient the system. In addition to the car park dimensions, a proper planning includes data such as occupancy, utilization pattern and peak loads. The dimensioning of the ventilation system generally is based on the air exchange rate (depending on the atmospheric pollution) or on a defined air volume, which is multiplied with the amount of parking spaces.

With the use of a Green Ventilation System you can avoid "dead" zones in the car park. Systemair jet fans are used for everyday demand ventilation as well as smoke extraction in case of fire.

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