Innovative products and solutions

Systemair has been manufacturing and marketing ventilation products since 1974. Our product range spans a broad range of energy-efficient fans, air handling units, products for air distribution, air conditioning, air curtains and heating products.

Systemair has a broad product range based on standardised energy-efficient products. Through product combinations, flexible ventilation systems can be created on the basis of the needs and design of the project in question.

Systemair products are used in all types of buildings and facilities, including homes, offices, industrial premises, data halls, hospitals, multi-storey/underground car parks and underground rail tunnels and road tunnels. Our products are designed to create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment with the right temperature and air humidity, while using energy efficiently. Most Systemair products are developed


Fans and accessories


Products such as circular and rectangular duct fans, roof fans, box fans and axial fans.

Air distribution products


Products for air distribution, including supply and exhaust diffusers, iris dampers and grilles.

Residential Ventilation


Small ventilation units for apartment buildings and single-family houses, mostly including heat recovery.

Air handling units

ahu_Topvex SR04_06

Compact and modular units for use in industry, commerce, schools, hospitals etc.

Air conditioning


Liquid- and air-cooled air conditioning products, together with heat pumps for comfort and industrial cooling.

Swimming pool Ventilation


Extra high-efficiency ventilation units for environments with indoor swimming pools or very high air humidity. 

Air curtains and fan heaters


Air curtains, fan heaters and radiant heaters are marketed under the Frico brand. 

Fire safety


Products that have been tested and certified to withstand high temperatures for a long period.

Garage Ventilation 


Comprehensive system solutions for multi-storey/underground car parks and fire/smoke applications. 

Tunnel Ventilation

Fans and systems for ventilation of all types of tunnels for roads, rail and metro systems.