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X-HDWV Air Curtain
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  • Hot water coil for heating
  • High pressure centrifugal fans
  • Special versions available for vertical mounting


ScreenMaster HDW is the same air curtain as HD but with a hot water coil. It may be mounted either vertically besides or hung over the doorway. A special version of the hot water coil must be ordered for vertical mounting. HDW is recommendend for door heights 2,2 - 3 meters.


HDW has a hot water coil for connection to a central heating system. The output power is determined by the temperature of the water and the temperature of the inlet air. (See coil calculations for number values.) The HDW has a filter to protect the heating coil. Connection to the hot water source is done through DN 20 couplings located on top of the air curtain.



Depending on the length, the HD has either 2 or 3 centrifugal fans. Fans and water battery and filter are mounted in a corrosion-proof hot-dip galavanized, powder coated sheet steel casting.




The HD is mounted above the inside of the gate, as near the top of the gate as possible. The whole width of the gate should be covered. The unit can be angled for optimum efficiency and can be recessed in false ceilings. Make sure the inlet air grid is not blocked. Using the supplied mounting brackets ensures enough room for the inlet air supply.



For vertical mounting a special mounting bracket, HDS, must be ordered. One HDS is needed for each HDWV that is mounted vertically. Due to the total weight on the bottom HDWV, the total installation should not exceed three units. For vertical mounting a special heating coil, should be ordered (HDWV or HDWVL). The HDW should be mounted as close to the opening as possible, in the door's full height. For best result the airflow should be broken by a wall/frame on the opposite side of the door.



Regulating equipment must be ordered separately. The speed regulator for the fan, HDR4, can control as many as 4 long or 7 short HDW air curtains. A door switch, HDGL, can be connected to one or two HDR4 to make the air curtain run with different speed when the door is open and when the door is closed. Alternatively, instead of ordering two HDR4, HDR42 which has two settings can be ordered. If only one HDR4 is used together with the door switch the air curtain only runs when the door is open.


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