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CRS-355 Conic Swirl Diff.
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CRS is a circular ceiling swirl diffuser with fixed air guiding blades and can be used for supply or return air. Swirled stream quickly looses speed and temperature thanks to high induction therefore it can be used for high air exchanges and temperature can vary from -12K to +12K.

The rotational turbulence produced, cause a rapid mixing of temperatures and considerably shorter jet throws. CRS swirl diffuser is also ideal to use for VAV systems, allowing variations in air flow rate from 100% to 25% without risk of detaching the jet from the ceiling.

CRS Diffuser is manufactured from sheet steel and aluminum cone painted to RAL9010 as standard. CRS is equipped with central screw and white cap to facilitate the installations to the plenum box or other accessories in duct if required.


The diffuser can be installed with a mounting bridge, with screws to the plenum box or directly to duct.


PB-CRS, uninsulated plenum box

CRS-MB, Mounting Bridge

CRS-RED, One-step reduction unit


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