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TSD-315 Diffuser
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TSD is designed for comfort ventilation of big and large volume halls. Suitable for heating and cooling due to construction with adjustable geometry. Installation height is between 4 and 15 m. The air stream pattern (horizontal, vertical and intermittent) can be adjusted manually or by a motor. The TSD consists of an inlet assemble containing the fix blades and frontal conic outlet and an inner assembly with adjustable set of deflectors which are mobile. For cooling, a horizontal outlet air pattern is achieved when the blades are in closed position and have a vertical swirl jet stream when the deflectors are in full open position to achieve heating in occupied zone. Intermittent positions can be achieved when the deflectors are set between closed and full open positions for ventilation of the occupied zone.

The TSD swirl diffusers are manufactured in steel sheet, with a standard powder paint finish in white colour RAL 9010. Available in the following diameter: Ø 315, Ø 400, Ø 630 and Ø 800.



TSD is available in 3 motorized version

TSD-M1 Belimo actuator 230V

TSD-M2 Belimo actuator 24V

TSD-M3 Belimo actuator 24V, 0-10V stepless control



TSD-PB Plenum box for TSD diffuser 

Mounted directly to the rigid vertical duct, or mounted to side entry plenum and then fixed to rigid ceiling with threaded drop-rods.


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